Public Relations and Corporate Communication

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This course looks at the contribution that can be measured. Participants will put together the entire training course content into an action plan that can be discussed with senior management.


Training Objectives of Public Relations and Corporate Communication

  • Understand and analyze public relations and other forms of business communication

  • Design and manage the image, publicity, and every other aspect of business communication

  • Design and employ public relations and media programs and/or campaigns

  • Be familiar with the global trends and the international standards that govern the industries of both public relations and media

  • Manage the image, publicity, and every other aspect of business communication

Day 1
The nature of public relations and how it intersects with media and journalism

  • An overview of business communication and public relations

  • The six points model of public relations planning

  • How media and journalism fit into public relations

  • Managing traditional media and electronic media relations

  • Understanding the importance of the audience

  • Establishing objective communication efforts

  • Budget - staff, time, material, and money

  • Evaluating the communication program's success

Day 2
Press release and news release, international standards

  • Media handling

  • Press release vs. news release

  • The art of writing a press release using the 6 C's of communication

  • The journalism code of truth

  • Public relations society in America and its norms

  • PRSA code of ethics and public relations industry ethics

  • Trading between PR international norms and own interests

  • Society of Professional Journalism (SPJ) international standards

  • Public opinion and how to measure it

  • Propaganda models of communication

  • Media handling during the process of crisis management

Day 3
Business communication and public relations as a part of it

  • Corporate communication and public relations

  • Marketing communication vs. public relations

  • The internal audience and employees relations

  • Consumer relations and effective customer relations management

  • Multicultural community relations

  • Government relations

  • International relations

Day 4
Globalization and its effect on public relations

  • The environment's complexity, globalization, and the effect of technology

  • Social media platforms, and how to handle them effectively

  • Multimedia age of business communication

  • Events as part of your public relations

  • The importance of events, types, venues, and purposes

  • Employing events to serve the overall organizational message

  • Corporate social responsibility and how it serves the message

  • Building a supportive community for your core message

Day 5
Designing a united campaign theme, bringing it all together
  • Understanding the core message(s)

  • Assessing the need for PR efforts and researching your audience

  • Planning the campaign/program with standards of quality and theme

  • Choosing the best strategy to deliver your message

  • Implementing the campaign/program

  • Evaluating the campaign/program effect on the audience

  • Keeping the core message in each stage

  • Virtual campaign design based on trainee capacities and professional background

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