The Complete Program of Marketing, Communications & Media Planning

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Marketing communication is exciting, imaginative, requiring, gratifying, and also challenging. This training course is created to supply training in the academic and useful facets of contemporary advertising interactions. Participants will review the many marketing tools offered, digital or standard, as well as find out about the entire marketing as well as interaction function using a range of media methods geared for project success.

Training Objectives of Advertising, Communications & Media Planning

  • Describe the field of advertising and marketing interaction and also clarify the attributes of successful projects (offline and online).

  • Optimize the presence of a brand or firm image by working out a well-rounded understanding of occasion ideas as well as methods.
  • Define the principles of Integrated Marketing Interaction (IMC) and also describe exactly how firms apply these principles.
  • Apply the insights and skills required to take care of unique advertising and marketing communications issues as well as create successful options.
  • Acknowledge and also apply social media sites lorries as well as techniques to make the best use of the advertising and marketing campaign return on investment.

Day 1
The role of promotion and the marketing mix

  • An overview of the marketing mix

  • The role of promotion in marketing

  • The elements of the promotion mix

  • Advertising

  • Personal selling

  • Public relations

  • Sales promotion

  • Promotion mix strategies across the Product Life Cycle (PLC)

Day 2
Event management: creating a company or brand exposure

  • Creating an event concept

  • Key elements of event design

  • Event planning and execution

  • Aligning event elements with the company or brand identity

  • Creating an event check-list

Day 3
Launching an advertising campaign

  • Marketing communications objectives 

  • Characteristics of a successful campaign 

  • Steps in creating an advertising campaign 

  • Writing a professional Marketing Communication plan:

  • SWOT analysis

  • Objectives & strategies

  • Marketing mix 

  • Budget & media scheduling

  • Implementation, monitoring, and control 

  • The role of the advertising agency

  • What to ask from the advertising agency  

  • Team workshop: launching a full MARCOM campaign

Day 4
The framework of promotional campaigns

  • Assessing the brand’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Identifying a clear positioning

  • Identifying the target market

  • Selecting a consistent message

  • Evaluating different creative briefs

  • Agreeing on the final strategic copy

Day 5
Digital marketing campaign strategies

  • Traditional versus digital marketing

  • Explore some digital marketing tools

  • Email marketing

  • Mobile marketing

  • Pay per click marketing

  • Preparing and managing a digital marketing campaign

  • Website analytics: measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing

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