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This press workplace training will certainly give individuals insight into the principles, functions and also processes behind an efficient press workplace.

The course will detail examples of successful press workplaces while additionally demonstrating-- with real-world instances-- exactly how delegates can adjust core principles as well as techniques to work in a multitude of tough circumstances.

Training Course Purposes of Press Workplace Administration

How to compose a press release that will catch a reporters focus

Exactly how the modern-day newsroom jobs, and also the significance of electronic journalism

How to take care of media enquiries

The value of situation planning and how to develop an efficient strategy

To prepare messaging and use impactful language.

How to interact vital messages with the numerous mediums

Exactly how to prepare a spokesperson to engage with the media in various scenarios

How to establish, handle and also manage a press conference

Day 1
The Role and Purpose of a Press Office

  • Understanding how today's 'lean' news operations work

  • What is news? The news media, social media and slow reading

  • Using the internet (your website, news sites, blogs, podcasts)

  • Different traditional media – print, TV, radio local, national and international

  • Identifying the media that matter to your organisation

  • Essential functions of an effective press office: Reactive and proactive approaches

Day 2
Understanding what is a 'Story' and How to 'Sell' it

  • What is a 'news angle' or 'hook' and how to find it

  • Researching your target media and story versioning

  • Who to contact and how – selling in your story

  • The news cycle – when to call

  • Building a news story from scratch:

    • Statistics based stories

    • Picture or video clip stories, use of influencers

  • Versioning stories

Day 3
Developing Media Campaigns and Content Programmes

  • Starting with your organisation's strategy and plans

  • SMART objectives and measurement

  • The Message House

  • POEM and PESO – Blending paid, owned, shared, and earned media

  • Digital Media: Managing and using social media effectively

  • Media measurement and continuous improvement

Day 4
Good Practice in the Press Office

  • Developing your tech stack

  • Essential Admin: policies, procedures, keeping records, approvals and sign-off

  • Contact databases

  • 24-hour availability, account management and roster management

  • Media and social media monitoring: sentiment analysis

  • Content management, content calendars

Day 5
Issue Management and Crisis Media Management

  • Strategies for monitoring issues and preventing media crises

  • Identifying, training, and briefing your critical spokespeople

  • Preparing your spokespeople in times of crisis

    • Types of interviews

    • Avoiding journalist bear-traps

    • Messaging, bridging and impactful language

  • How to triage incoming media enquiries

  • How to set up, manage and handle a press conference

  • Action Planning

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