Measuring and Managing Customer Satisfaction ISO 9001 and Beyond

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Pleased Consumers are currently the ONLY assurance of proceeding success. Pleasing clients provides sales, revenues (it is FIVE TIMES more expensive to get a new client than to keep an old one), as well as references. Client Complete Satisfaction is much also important to be left to chance and subsequently, an International Criterion, ISO 9001 has actually been drawn up to guarantee regular distribution of customer support.

Program Goals of Measuring as well as Taking Care Of Customer Fulfillment ISO 9001 and Beyond

Use the application of quality monitoring principles in the context of ISO 9001

Create worker "buy-in" to the firm's ISO 9001 top quality administration system

Associate high quality administration methods to improve customer care satisfaction

Explain the obligations of internal auditors and their duty in improving management systems

Clarify the crucial ideas of Quality control and also Continuous Renovation

Establish SMART objectives to determine, analyze and enhance customer satisfaction

Day 1
Building a ISO 9001 Customer-Focused Communication Process

  • What is ISO 9001?

  • Understanding the Key Components of ISO 9001

  • Identifying Customer Communication Barriers

  • Active Listening and Questioning Skills to Improve Customer Relations

  • Interpreting your Customer’s Nonverbal Communication   

  • How to determine your DISC communication style?

Day 2
Principles of ISO 9001 and Total Quality Management “TQM”

  • The Origin and Philosophy behind TQM

  • ISO 9001 8 Principles

  • Deming's Fourteen Points of TQM

  • Traditional Management vs. Total Quality Management

  • Obstacles to Implementing TQM

  • Case Studies: ISO 9001 Customer Service Excellence

Day 3
Customer Service Satisfaction Requirements

  • What do your customers expect from you?

  • Going the Extra Mile to exceed Expectations

  • Your Attitude makes a Difference

  • Measuring and Monitoring Customer Satisfaction

  • Empowering Employees to Better Serve their Customers

  • Customer Service Satisfaction Survey

Day 4
Customer Service Recovery Strategies

  • The Importance of Customer Complaints and Why they should be encouraged

  • The Impact of Social Media on Customer Service Complaints

  • The Role of the Supervisor in Conflict Resolution

  • Techniques for Managing Emotions 

  • Strategies to Help Calm Upset Customers

  • Service Recovery Strategies for Working with Difficult Customers

Day 5
Implementing an ISO 9001 System

  • Role of Top Management in ISO 9001

  • Plan-Do-Check-Act Methodology

  • Internal Audit Purpose and Process

  • Internal Audit Elements

  • Setting SMART Goals for Continuous Improvement

  • Developing your ISO 9001 Action Plan

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