Market Leadership & Marketing Strategies

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Nevertheless, producing a society of technology doesn't come conveniently. This course is developed to offer delegates a clear, in-depth understanding of core marketing principles, tools, as well as ideal practices used by market leaders.

Program Objectives of Leadership Advertising And Marketing Approaches

Engage customers on social media sites to expand brand name awareness

Review market patterns and recommend adjustments to market strategies

Interact with target audiences and handle client partnerships

Integrate the most effective techniques of market leaders

Increase as well as establish advertising systems

Report on ROI as well as vital performance metrics

Day 1
Marketing Communication Principles and Best Practices

  • Keeping-up with Communication Technology and Innovation

  • The Power of Non-verbal Communication in the Marketing Process

  • Strategies for Marketing to Different Customer Types

  • Active Listening and Questioning Skills to Promote Effective Communi

Day 2
Building Your Position as a Market Leader

  • Developing Strategic Marketing Objectives with SMART Goals

  • Identifying your Target Market with SWOT Analysis

  • Profiling and Targeting Potential Customers with Market Research

  • Benchmarking your Competitors’ Products, Pricing, and Marketing Tactics

  • Implementing the Elements of the Marketing Mix

  • Customer Relationship Management: Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

Day 3
Key Elements of a Successful Marketing Strategy

  • Market Leader Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Eastman Kodak: From Market Leader to Bankruptcy

  • The Four Stages of the Product Life Cycle

  • Customer Lifecycle Management: How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

  • Utilizing Customer Service to Increase Sales and Brand Loyalty

  • Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan with the SOSTAC Model

Day 4
Using Social Media Marketing to Increase Market Share

  • Social Media Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Marketing Platforms

  • Online Brand Reputation Management

  • How to Measure Social Media Effectiveness

  • Social Media Best Practices

Day 5
The Roles and Responsibilities of Successful Market Leaders

  • Team Building and Employee Empowerment

  • The Art of Delegation and Outsourcing

  • Leading Organisational Change Management

  • Building a Market Leader Organisational Culture

  • Establishing Sales Territories and KPI Goals

  • Developing a Market Leader Action Plan

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