Leading Strategies in Office Management

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This course will aid participants to establish an assertive as well as an orderly approach to handling individuals as well as procedures in their workplace, to help with unified as well as effective working. It consists of key monitoring abilities as well as preparing methods to improve information flow and also achieve goals.

Course Purposes of Leading Strategies in Workplace Management

  • Understanding best practices in key office procedures
  • Discovering the duties and obligations of a workplace manager
  • Having the ability to manage workplace communications as well as meetings
  • Maintaining in-depth records in the workplace
  • Organizing business relationships

Day 1
Data Related Tasks

  • Technical methods of organising files and documents.

  • Office Communication importance (keeping records).

  • Archives supervising systems.

  • Classifying, Coding, and indexing.

  • Using technology in the archive.

  • Sorting, Deporting and destroying the book records.

  • Information Technology and circulation, archiving and retrieving of information.   

Day 2
The office Communication

  • Handling Office Communication.

  • Reporting and written communication.

  • The features and elements of a good report.

  • The business written Communication.

  • The common mistakes in business written Communication.

  • Handling phone calls and visitors.

Day 3
The Managerial Role

  • The tasks, responsibilities, and features of the office manager.

  • The Managerial role and features of a good assistant.

  • Preparing Business schedules, Meeting agendas, and travel arrangements.

  • Organising office work, appointments, time, and priorities.

  • Dealing with others, and work pressures at the workplace.

  • Simplifying the office procedures, and using the phone effectively.

  • Work Guidance and office procedures.

Day 4
Office Manager and Technology

  • Electronic Secretary.

  • Using modern tools, programs, and devices.

  • Office equipment and technology.

  • The importance of new technologies in the Electronic Secretary.

  • Preparing Communication forms and reports using Computers.

  • Informational Presentation using Computers.

  • Archiving individuals Personal information using Computers.   

  • Arranging meetings electronically.

  • Organising the appointments and office tasks electronically.

  • Electronic communication (Internet, Intranet, and Emails).

Day 5
Diversified skills for the office
  • Managerial assistants self-development (Etiquette).

  • The art, basics, and importance of (Etiquette).

  • Working without supervision and self-development.

  • Positive concepts and methodologies development.

  • Activity scheduling in the Secretary's office.

  • Managing time and priorities.

  • The physical environment of modern offices.

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