Time & Stress Management

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The goal of this course is to help individuals become extra efficient as well as efficient in handling their life. Individuals in this interactive program will certainly check out various time monitoring skills as well as stress management strategies to get better control and have a much more favourable impact on their life at the expert and also social degrees.

Course Objectives of Time & Stress And Anxiety Administration

  • Recognize time management obstacles as well as examine their efficiency in managing their time
  • Explain the moment Mastery Account ® elements as well as their usage in far better handling their time
  • Apply worldwide individual performance guides in order to enhance their chances of success at work and also in life
  • Evaluate anxiety signs and symptoms as well as their causes in order to determine their adverse impact on the body and mind
  • Apply stress monitoring strategies in order to minimize stress as well as lead a healthier and far better life

Day 1
Time management challenges and assessment

  • Definition of time management

  • Time management challenges

  • Modern time management

  • Major time wasters

    • Self-imposed time wasters

    • System-imposed wasters

  • Time management assessment

Day 2
Time Mastery Profile® components

  • Adopting the right attitude

  • Setting smart goals

  • Setting top priorities

  • Conducting a rigorous analysis

  • Preparing a successful plan

  • Preparing a detailed schedule

  • Avoiding continuous interruptions

  • Planning efficient meetings

  • Handling written communications

  • Mastering the delegation process

  • Avoiding the harm of procrastination

  • Improving the use of team time

Day 3
Global guides on personal effectiveness

  • Practices of Successful People​

  • The Practices explained

  • The circle of concern and circle of influence exercise

    • Mindset: the new psychology of success

      • Learning to fulfill our potential

      • The mindset exercise

    • The one thing

      • The one thing rules: the first set

      • The one thing rules: the second set

    • The 10 natural laws of successful time and life management

      • Part 1: managing your time

      • Part 2: managing your life

    • Getting things done

      • Getting things done: simplified

      • Getting things done: the cycle

Day 4
Stress symptoms and causes

  • Definition of stress

  • Myths about stress

  • Stress symptoms

  • Categories of stress symptoms

  • Causes of stress

  • Your personal stress test

  • Your current coping strategies

Day 5
Stress management techniques
  • Ways to deal with stress

  • Emergency stress stoppers

  • Other factors that reduce stress

    • Exercise and diet

    • Support network, attitude, and outlook

    • Emotional control and sleep

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