Certificate in Board Secretarial Practice

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 On the other hand, the course covers practical tips and skills for corporate secretaries to develop their skills and knowledge and bring their practices closer to international best practices.


Training Objectives of the Certificate in Board of Directors Secretary

  • Grasp the role of the board secretary in ensuring regulatory compliance and governance;

  • Get acquainted with the tools used to create the annual report of the board;

  • Understand the international best practices for the Secretary of the Board of Directors.

  • Understand the scope of work, role, and responsibilities of the Secretary of the Board of Directors.

  • Learn how to deal with governance challenges faced by companies.

  • Contributing to decisions by establishing a set of requirements that must be researched, analyzed, and benchmarked

Day 1
The Governance Professional
  • The key principles and elements of a good corporate governance framework and the board secretary’s role

  • The skills needed by board secretaries to manage relationships within a corporate governance system

  • The key activities and qualifications of a board secretary

  • The structure of a secretariat

Effective Meetings and Minute-taking

  • The part played by the board secretary in preparing for, during, and after a meeting

  • Practical tips, good practices, processes, and procedures for board secretaries

  • Introduction and use of board portals

  • Drafting minutes and developing an action log in line with best practice

Day 2
Board Dynamic

  • Styles of behaviour that impact the dynamics of a meeting

  • The skills and techniques a board secretary needs to support a productive working climate during a board meeting

  • How a board secretary can help a chairman manage conflict

Day 3
Leading Change and Influencing
  • The board secretary’s role in influencing change

  • The skills a board secretary needs to influence change

  • How to influence change

Board Members

  • Describe the board secretary’s role in advising board members on their roles and responsibilities

  • Advise the board members on their duties and liabilities

  • Develop policies on and strategies to deal with conflicts of interest, related party transactions, and breaches of duty

Day 4
Board Evaluation and Delegation

  • Describe the board secretary’s role in developing and organising a board evaluation

  • Develop strategies to deal with issues raised by a board evaluation

  • Describe the board secretary’s role in promoting professional development

  • Explain the system of delegation of authority within an organisation

  • Describe the different roles of the board and management

  • Analyse the board secretary’s role in helping to make the system of delegation work effectively

Day 5
Financial Oversight & Analysis

  • Describe the role of the board secretary in assisting the board (audit committee) in fulfilling their financial oversight responsibilities

  • Explain the role of external auditors

  • Describe the components in a set of financial statements

  • Explain ratio analysis and its importance to boards

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