Best Practice in Marketing, Customer Service & Sales

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The goal is to establish and examine marketing, sales, and customer care strategies. The conversation covers the advertising process and the advancement and analysis of strategic advertising strategies.

Course Purposes of Best Method in Marketing, Customer Care & Business

Define customer care as well as break it down to its most basic measurements

Explain customer contentment, retention, as well as loyalty and also determine them in a meaningful and also methodical method

Defend making use of a profitability dimension to any consumer loyalty technique

Determine the ideal professional marketing habits and also skills required to maximize sales performance

Develop the right individual behaviours to maximize selling efficiency

Define the advertising and marketing structure of a business organization

Conduct advertising audits as well as analyses to far better examine the micro and also macro settings

Integrate ideal methods, devices, as well as designs to execute efficient advertising and also sales administration system

Establish methods, campaigns, as well as programs to build as well as sustain a competitive market benefit

Apply planning and the execution of innovative marketing strategies to enhance business results

Day 1
Customer service
  • Introduction to customer service

  • Definition of customer service

  • Service dimensions

  • Addressing customer needs

Attaining customer satisfaction through quality measures

  • Customer service excellence

Day 9
The Product Life Cycle (PLC): a strategic approach

  • The PLCĀ concept

  • Marketing strategies for PLC

  • The promotion mix and marketing objectives

  • Characteristics promotion mix elements

  • Promotion mix strategies across the PLC

  • Push and pull strategies

Day 8
Marketing communication and campaigns

  • Elements of the communication process

  • Steps in creating a promotional campaign

  • The goals and tasks of promotion

  • The 'AIDA' concept

  • Setting the advertising budget

  • The various media types

  • Media scheduling

  • Evaluating promotional campaigns

Day 7
Marketing audit and planning
  • Understanding the marketing environment

  • Various marketing analysis techniques

    • 'PESTLE' analysis

    • 'SWOT' analysis

    • The five forces model (M. Porter)

    • Customer analysis

    • Competitive analysis

  • The marketing audit

  • Marketing planning

Market segmentation, targeting, and positioning

  • Market segmentation defined

  • Basis of market segmentation (B2C)

  • Basis of market segmentation (B2B)

  • Criteria for successful segmentation

  • Market targeting

  • Market positioning

  • Steps in market segmentation, targeting, and positioning

Day 6
The sales process
  • Prospecting and qualifying

  • Pre-approach

  • Approach

  • Presentation and demonstration

  • Overcoming objections

  • Closing

  • Follow up and maintenance

  • Product selling versus service selling

  • A glimpse into different selling models

Marketing concepts

  • Marketing management defined

  • Evolution of the marketing concept

  • Differences between marketing and selling

  • Scope of marketing management

  • Setting the scene: the marketing mix

  • Using the 4Ps marketing mix model

Day 5
The changing business environment
  • The evolution of personal selling

  • Marketing

  • Consultative

  • Strategic

  • Partnering

  • Social

    • The new sales competencies

    • Behaviors, characteristics, and skills of a successful salesperson

    • Assessing performance according to specific sales indicators

    • The 10 root causes of sales problems

    • Personal selling profile

Preparation and self-organization

  • Personal management

  • Self-mastery

  • Personal planning

  • Self-talk

  • Personal image

    • Time management for salespeople

    • Understanding the psychology of selling

    • Developing strategies for sales success

Day 4
Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Surveys and questionnaires

  • The objective of the survey

  • Population of interest

  • Writing the questions

  • Sampling methods

  • Administration and analysis

    • Customer surveys guidelines

    • Different survey metrics

    • Types of satisfaction surveys: transactional versus image-based satisfaction surveys

    • Who and what to measure

    • How to ask

    • Loyalty components

    • The importance of demographics

Segmenting your customers

  • Attitudinal and behavioral dimensions

  • Demographic variables, consumer and business

  • Customer profiling

  • Customer modeling

Day 3
Key loyalty measurements
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and Customer Retention Rate (CRR)

  • Profit impact of CRR

  • Customer life expectancy

  • Customer loyalty index

Loyalty and profits

  • The cost of loyalty

  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) shortfall

  • Activity-Based Costing (ABC)

  • Customer profitability and the whale curve

  • Customer profitability at best practice companies

  • The strategy quadrants

Day 2
Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

  • Customer satisfaction, retention, loyalty, and delight

  • Levels of loyalty

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Customer delight

Day 10
Marketing research
  • Marketing research defined

  • The marketing research process

  • Secondary and primary data

  • Questionnaire design

  • Forms of survey research

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