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However just what does it indicate to have refined client emphasis selling skills? More notably, what could consumer-focused marketing do to enhance your very own brand's marketing method? To be truly consumer-concentrated is to approach every little thing you do from the perspective of those you are targeting. It has to do with nurturing and counting on loyalty amongst your target audience, instead of merely convincing them to buy whatever it is you're selling.

Discover real power as well as the capacity of 'selling without marketing' with this expert tutorial. Explore what it indicates to be genuinely customer-focused, examining influences in the development of partnerships and effort vs. outcomes. Learn just how the 'Exactly How to Win Friend's as well as Impact Individuals' methodology can be made use of for the advantage of your service.

Training Course Goals of Customer - Concentrated Offering Skills

  • Develop an activity plan and also prioritize to make the most of marketing effectiveness
  • Use a customer-focused marketing technique to close more sales in much less time
  • Tailor your sales presentation to interest each of the four clients "acquiring designs"
  • Include Social network advertising and marketing best techniques to enhance sales profits
  • Proactively manage key-account consumers to promote added sales
  • Effectively organize their schedule to achieve sales goals as well as develop a pipe

Day 1
Marketing Management
  • Setting the scene: the marketing mix

  • Using the 4Ps marketing mix model

Marketing audit and planning

  • Understanding the marketing environment

  • Various marketing analysis techniques

    • 'PESTLE' analysis

    • 'SWOT' analysis

    • The five forces model (M. Porter)

    • Customer analysis

    • Competitive analysis

  • The marketing audit

  • Marketing planning

Day 2
Market segmentation, targeting, and positioning

  • Market segmentation defined

  • Basis of market segmentation (B2C)

  • Basis of market segmentation (B2B)

  • Criteria for successful segmentation

  • Market targeting

  • Market positioning

  • Steps in market segmentation, targeting, and positioning

Day 3
Marketing communication and campaigns

  • Elements of the communication process

  • Steps in creating a promotional campaign

  • The goals and tasks of promotion

  • The 'AIDA' concept

  • Setting the advertising budget

  • The various media types

  • Media scheduling

  • Evaluating promotional campaigns

Day 4
The Product Life Cycle (PLC): a strategic approach

  • The PLCĀ concept

  • Marketing strategies for PLC

  • The promotion mix and marketing objectives

  • Characteristics promotion mix elements

  • Promotion mix strategies across the PLC

  • Push and pull strategies

Day 5
Marketing research
  • Marketing research defined

  • The marketing research process

  • Secondary and primary data

  • Questionnaire design

  • Forms of survey research

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