Advanced Skills for Senior Office Managers

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Which introduces them to the competencies, duties and responsibilities of senior office managers, the scientific concept of administrative communication and its methods, and the art of dealing with leaders and subordinates. We will also discuss the concepts of time management and its optimal use. And the art of formal correspondence and its formulations (letters / memos / reports), indexing and preservation (practical applications), behavioral skills related to the job, behavioral aspects of performance, etiquette and modern ceremonies.

Advanced Skills for Senior Office Managers Course Onjectives

  • Knowledge of general concepts of senior office management.

  • Apply planning and scheduling skills and follow up on the work of senior management.

  • Practicing the arts of communication and efficient dealing with others.

  • Dealing with difficult situations.

  • Using computers in office management and reducing paperwork.

Day 1
Basic concepts in senior office management

  • The importance and dimensions of the office manager job

  • The difference between secretarial and office management (overall concepts)

  • Office Manager Jobs and Responsibilities

Day 2
Technical skills for senior office managers

  • Skills of preparing and drafting correspondence and reports

  • Processing incoming and outgoing mail

  • Scheduling and organizing appointments and interviews

  • The art of using the phone

  • Preservation, documentation, archiving, indexing and information security skills

  • Organizing meetings and preparing minutes

Day 3
Administrative and behavioral skills of senior office managers

  • Interpersonal skills (etiquette and protocol)

  • Team management skills (working in senior management offices)

  • Types of managers and how to deal with them

Day 4
Communication skills in senior office management

  • The concept and types of communication

  • Davis contact form


  • The vocal skills of an effective office manager

  • Effective body language skills for an effective office manager

  • Types of office managers according to the Hermann HBDI scale

  • Perceptual Positions Technology

  • Skills of dealing with different human patterns

  • The importance of language skills in the success of an effective office manager

  • Persuasion and influence skills in the field of office management work

  • Practical applications of effective communication skills in the field of office management

Day 5
Excellence in the strategies and arts of senior office management

  • Stages of preparation and processing systems for organizing files and information

  • The strategy used to serve the office and archives management business

  • Skills of receiving and exporting correspondence

  • Indexing and preservation methods for documents and files

  • The art of formal correspondence and its formulations (correspondences / memos / reports)

  • The art of the report book

  • The art of organizing meetings

  • The art of writing and managing meeting minutes

  • Higher Thinking Skills for an Effective Office Manager

  • The importance of enabling and activating higher-order thinking skills for an effective office manager

  • Problem solving and decision making skills

  • Creative and innovative thinking skills

  • Practical applications on higher-order thinking skills for the office manager

  • Conflict management skills and stress relief in the work environment

  • Conflict management concept

  • Stress management skills

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