Strategic Brand Management

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It likewise information on the role brand monitoring plays in the critical marketing process, the steps of the customer-fostering process, the various types of branding techniques, and the signs that can indicate a struggling branding method.

Program Goals of Effective Brand Management

  • Define brands as well as comprehend the opportunities and also challenges encountering them in extremely affordable company landscapes
  • Strategy as well as craft a powerful brand placing declaration that reflects the brand's guarantee and also the expectations of its most valued consumers
  • Build a calculated brand name and also track its development as well as sustainability making use of researched processes
  • Discover the aspects of brand name equity and also the constituents of brand name identity to build regular as well as lasting brand names
  • Identify numerous brand approaches ahead up with sound activities straightened with the standing of existing and brand-new markets and items
  • Master the process for carrying out a complete brand audit to evaluate brand name efficiency and take therapeutic activities

Day 1
Definitions and anatomy of brands

  • The definition of a brand

  • Reasons why brands matter

  • A brief history of brands

  • Difference between branding and marketing

  • The challenges and opportunities of branding today

  • Understanding branding

Day 2
Brand planning models

  • The concept of customer-based brand equity

  • Building customer-based brand equity

  • Benefits of customer-based brand equity

  • Three tools to facilitate brand planning

    • Brand positioning model

    • Brand resonance model

    • Brand value chain model

Day 3
The strategic brand management process

  • The brand management process: a useful model

  •  Developing brand vision

  •  Establishing a brand position

  •  Fulfilling brand contract

  •  Brand communication

  •  Brand metrics: measuring RoBI (Return on Brand Investment)

  • The elements of the strategic brand management process

    •  Identifying and establishing brand positioning and values

    •  Planning and implementing brand marketing programs

    •  Measuring and interpreting brand performance

    •  Growing and sustaining brand equity

Day 4
Brand equity and identity

  • Brand equity defined

  • Elements of brand equity

    •  Brand loyalty

    •  Brand awareness

    •  Perceived quality

    •  Brand associations

  • Designing brand identity

  • Elements of brand identity

  • Brand essence

Day 5
Building brand portfolios
  • Branding philosophies

  • Brand growth strategies

    • New brand

    • Flanker/fighting brands

    • Line extensions

    • Brand extensions

  • Successful and unsuccessful brand extensions

Brand evaluation

  • Brand audit defined

  • Brand audit techniques

  • The brand audit questionnaire

  • Reviewing the 'big idea'

  • Evaluating advertising

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