Public Sector Monitoring & Evaluation

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The course makes use of international, along with regional, examples and case studies and also will entail discussions with policy managers, policy consultants as well as critics with experience of monitoring and also evaluation in Various Governments.

Training Course Knowing Goals - Surveillance and Analysis in the general public Sector

Comprehend the role that tracking as well as assessment plays in public administration as well as public law.

Comprehend the various functions and kinds of tracking and assessment, their strengths and weak points, and exactly how they respond to vital public monitoring as well as plan inquiries.

Increase their understanding as well as use of monitoring and also assessment details, in particular around surveillance and also assessment layout and also the crucial methods and techniques utilized in monitoring as well as assessment.

Improve project monitoring and commissioning of surveillance and evaluation.

Day 1
An introduction to monitoring and evaluation in the public sector

  • The contribution of monitoring and evaluation to public management and public policy and their roles in evidence-based policy

  • The context for monitoring and evaluation in the public sector in your area

  • Accountability, managing for outcomes

  • Monitoring, evaluation, research, and audit

  • The purposes and types of monitoring and evaluation approaches

Day 2 - 3
Evaluation design, methodologies & methods

  • Determining the goals, objectives and questions for monitoring and evaluation

  • Programme logic

  • Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods:

  • An overview of key data sources and the analysis and interpretation of data

  • Assessing value-for-money

  • Synthesising findings and reaching conclusions about the findings

  • Reporting and dissemination

Day 4 - 5
Planning and managing monitoring & evaluation

  • Planning and managing monitoring and evaluation

  • Working with evaluators in-house and contracting external evaluators

  • The role of the evaluator

  • Ethical and cultural issues in evaluation – Ethical practice and processes 

  • Cultural and community perspectives

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