Time & Stress Management for Managers

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To start with, most individuals reject that they are stressed or influenced by internal or outside factors. Second of all, the most essential point that you have is not cash or various other things, it is TIME, You can't save it, you can not stop it, and you will run out of it so why not find out just how to use it appropriately? As the expense of anxiety to the employer continues to expand, organizations must recognize anxiety in their staff members and train monitoring to handle stress and anxiety successfully. A recent survey revealed that 1 in 5 individuals report their job as very or extremely difficult, pointing out the nature of their career, workplace relationships, or employer as the cause.

Training Course Objectives of Stress & Time Management

  • Actively determine and lower anxiety in themselves and others
  • Establish means of Taking care of the most important component - TIME
  • Take charge of your frame of mind
  • Takes full advantage of performance and also motivation at the office Boost wellness and joy
  • Have a positive financial impact on species and also group efficiency

Day 1
Managing Yourself
  • Investing time and effort in order to achieve more in the future

  • Your time management behaviour – preferred working styles

  • Personal effectiveness – a guide to self-discipline

  • Highlighting personal ‘time-stealers’ and areas of weakness

Managing Your Job

  • Managing yourself and the resources at your disposal

  • What are you and your team trying to achieve?

  • Defining your objectives and key result areas

  • Establishing responsibilities and priorities

Day 2
Managing Others & Meetings
  • Managing people managers, colleagues, team members, and customers

  • Getting more things done through assertive behaviour

  • Making the most of meetings as participant or chairperson

Practical Time Management & Planning Activities

  • Effective use of diaries, time planners, time logs, etc.

  • Criteria for prioritising – urgent and important

  • Planning and scheduling your activities

  • Dealing with interruptions and distractions – staying focused

  • Managing time under pressure

  • Developing a proactive approach to short, medium, and long term plans

Day 3
Effective Delegation
  • The rules of effective delegation - overcoming personal preferences and prejudices

  • Using delegation as a means of coordinating the workload of your team/department

  • Freeing up your time

  • Developing staff

Managing Pressure in the Workplace

  • Moving from reactive to proactive

  • Working to priorities when everything is urgent

  • Taking control through planning and time management

  • Managing conflicting demands from more than one person

Day 4
Understanding Stress and its Causes

Different Stress and Behavioural Patterns

  • Learning behaviour types: passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive

  • How conscious and sub-conscious thinking affects behaviour

  • Developing self-assertiveness to achieve greater control over stress

  • Improving your communication skills to manage aggression, stress, and conflict from others

Day 5
Handling Stress Positively, A Positive Mindset

  • Stress handling strategies for you and your team

  • Maintaining an effective balance between home and work

  • Changing your mindset – seeing the positive side of change in the workplace

  • Motivating yourself and others under pressure

  • Developing a preventative rather than remedial approach to team problems

  • How the Mind Focus techniques can reverse negativity into positive action

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