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This Leadership & Strategic Management Training course uses supports any leader that intends to make wise decisions about vital components of fresh business strategies, succession planning, and also the exercise of human capital to sustain and also nurture their company.

The training course focuses on strategic administration, which establishes the abilities behind tactical thinking and developing great management methods to support the tactical planning function.

Program Objectives of Leadership & Strategic Administration

  • Distinguish between management, management, impact, as well as power
  • Understand the leader's duty in carrying out modification
  • Analyze their very own individuality and also behaviours to enhance self-awareness
  • Testimonial management styles and technique-- identifying overlaps as well as differences
  • Use the team's ability to innovate
  • Establish as well as encourage the team for optimal efficiency
  • Review how leaders impact culture and environment
  • Understand precisely how leaders navigate adjustment, technique, and also technology
  • Understand and harness social differences

Day 1

  • What is strategic leadership?

  • Why do we need strategic leaders?

  • The modern business environment

  • What does a strategic leader do?

  • Leadership and personal effectiveness

  • Leadership and its context

  • Self-perception and self-awareness

  • Personality, values & behavior

  • Personal transformation

  • Path dependency

  • Personal style & style flexibility

Day 2

  • What is leadership development?

  • Why bother?

  • Organizational factors

  • Leadership and competencies

  • How are leaders developed?

  • The evolution of strategic planning and strategic thinking

  • Strategic thinking in business

  • Different conceptual frameworks for strategic thinking

  • Commonalities between different approaches to developing and implementing a strategy

  • Articulate your current strategic conceptual framework

  • Core Leadership Competencies

  • Leader or manager?

  • Influence, authority, and power

  • Emotions, mood & disposition

  • Rapport-building

  • Communication and its part in leadership

  • Goal congruence and alignment

Day 3

  • History of change

  • Vision

  • Different approaches to change

  • Models of the change process

  • Individual reaction to change

  • Politics of change

  • Belbin's approach

  • Margerison-McCann team management wheel

  • Time or phase-based models

  • Team mental model

  • Distributed leadership

  • Cultural differences & Leadership

  • Definitions of culture

  • Corporate, team and national culture

  • Norms, rules, and cultures

  • When cultures clash: leadership responses

  • Harnessing cultural differences for innovation

  • Learning from different cultures

Day 4

  • Growth vs. profitability in public and private sector organizations

  • Key factors that differentiate strategic success vs. failure

  • Action plans for strategic initiatives and performance management

  • Achievement of strategic initiatives with changes

  • Drivers for strategic change

  • Using insights from past experiences to support strategic change

  • Engaging your organization in strategic thinking

  • Ask strategic questions: align your work to the organization’s strategic initiatives

  • Formulate strategic hypotheses

  • Explore futuristic strategic conversations

  • How a leader uses communication to gain influence

  • Building your story and personal charisma

  • The science of influence and how to use it

  • Advanced rapport, language, and communication skills

  • How to win friends and influence people above you?

  • Case-study: Building stakeholder engagement

Day 5
  • The motivating leader for a ‘millennial’ workforce

  • The science to motivate yourself and others

  • Expectancy theory and how an effective leader creates an environment for self-motivation

  • Personal roadmap to leadership

  • Defining effective leadership in Today's world

  • The challenge to lead in today’s modern organization

  • Lessons learned from today’s leaders

  • Leadership styles in modern organizations

  • Case-study: Leaders eat last

  • Self-assessment: Leadership behaviors

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