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The leader’s role is not confined to ensuring the best possible physical environment. Yet, they should extend to providing an organizational culture. This culture supports healthcare team members in the often-stressful work of direct care provision.

The covid-19 pandemic has brought the need for agility and resilience for individuals, society, and healthcare organizations in the entire world. Health administration and management are the keys.

Important note:

Blackbird Training Centre offers a site visit to a public/private hospital in Istanbul for group registration.

You can check our channel on YouTube to see a video of our visits to the hospitals.


Training Objectives

  • Provide the participants with enhanced skills to manage and administer their hospitals/medical department

  • Prepare healthcare leaders to execute related programs and oversee improvement projects

  • Help the participants acquire advanced skills for organizational success, leadership, effectiveness, and efficiency techniques.

  • Improve your behavioral health care as a manager

  • Provide training in the development & implementation of strategic planning

  • Maximize productive collaboration and minimize less productive behavior

  • Understanding roles and responsibilities to be followed for medication reminders, medication assistance, and medication administration

  • Discussing current health care delivery system as it relates to the economics, access, and overall health of the population

  • Discuss Risk management in healthcare and Healthcare administers

Day 1
Healthcare Leadership Principles

  • What is healthcare administration

  • Leadership & Management Functions

  • Power Sources of the healthcare Leaders

  • Roles of the healthcare Leader/Manager

  • Organizational Mission, Vision, and Values

  • The Healthcare Leadership Skills

  • Healthcare Leadership Styles for managers

Day 2
Building Resilience and Agility

  • The Effectiveness & Efficiency of healthcare management/managers

  • Resilient people, three characteristics

  • Agility and Resilience Foundational Skills

  • The Agility and Resilience Impact on Healthcare

  • Problem-solving & decision making

Day 3
Creative Healthcare Leadership

  • Thinking skills and Critical Thinking

  • The Thinking Hats for healthcare leaders

  • Characters of Strategic Thinkers

  • Understanding Healthcare Team Dynamics

  • Tuckman Model: The Stages of Team Development

  • Behavioral health care manager training

  • Health and social care management training

Day 4
Healthcare Strategic Management

  • A Strategic Management Model

  • Strategic Competition: Suitable, Feasible & Acceptance

  • Strategic Planning Model: ABCDE

  • Tools for Putting Strategy into Action

  • SWOT Analysis & SMARTER Goals

  • Strategy Implementation

  • Risk management in healthcare administration

Day 5
Change Management in Healthcare Organization
  • Change Models: Lewin, Kotter, and McKinsey 7S

  • Negotiation and dispute resolution


  • Risk Avoidance and Risk Acceptance

  • Contingent Valuation Method

  • Program review and Post-Assessment


If site-visit to the hospital is applicable, we will visit one public & one private hospital to cover the following:

  • Observing day-to-day HCAM responsibilities

  • Managing human resources

  • Allocating budgets and other financial resources

  • Submitting reports

  • Maintaining and managing IT systems and databases

  • Coordinating with doctors, physicians, nurses, surgeons, health information technicians, pharmacists, and other professionals

  • How to ensure patient quality care, treatment, and rehabilitation

You will benefit from the following:

  • Understanding the roles of making policy decisions, overseeing patient care, budgeting, and marketing

  • Driving policy impacting and technology innovations in the hospital.

  • Being familiar with the role of serving as a mediator between goals, strategies, and day-to-day activities.

  • Depending on the availability, the field visits and training will be made to JCI accredited A class hospitals

  • Q&A session with the hospital founder/manager

You will also learn and talk about:

  • The current healthcare leaders require to scan the environment and find ways to reduce operating costs. This will improve healthcare quality. it will also deal effectively with unforeseen turbulent times.

  • This hospital/health care management course is related to concepts in health services administration, and health care administration. Such concepts are healthcare admin and health service management.

  • Challenges of health and hospital administration in the new millennium, Administration of hospital services

  • Administration of out-patient services, Health care admin, and healthcare administration.

  • Administration of operation theater, Nursing Services, Records management, and Quality control

  • Hospital management training will involve Doctor/Nurse patient relationships, Doctors, and the consumer protection act

  • Referral systems, Hospital and private practice, Hospital administration during a disaster, Reproductive and child health services

  • Promoting health through hospitals, Hospital management training

  • This hospital management training course talks about Healthcare risk management training

  • Risk management in healthcare courses is an important concept here

Impact on your Organisation

  • The organization will be aware of Health Problems, Systems, and the Healthcare Key Players

  • Ability to set the right vision for your team, department, and hospital/clinic

  • Flex your leadership styles when there are changes in people and healthcare conditions

  • Focus on the application of the “people” side during a change situation

  • Adapt and develop effective change management strategies and determine when to act

  • Get tools for exploring market opportunities and develop a capacity to predict change

  • Lead and inspire others toward an agile and resilient mindset and behavior

Impact on You

  • Manage your hospital or medical department in an organizational matter

  • Be aware of all related strategy tools in addition to the risk management

  • You will gain a better understanding of quality principles & management functions.

  • Understand the barriers to adequate healthcare leadership

  • Evaluate own style of leadership, including strengths and areas for improvement

  • Promote the skills of your staff in developing the necessary agility and resilience

  • Balance your action by increasing your awareness of yourself and flexibility


Why Blackbird Training Centre?

  1. Your training needs are well respected. So, we have a training advisor to help you choose the right course for you. And, we are flexible enough to adjust the training programme to fit your organisation and the training depth required.

  2. We are available worldwide at any time. Our resources and business network are huge. In that sense, we are adaptable to your own personal preferences.

  3. In each course, we also offer a reference training book (not just a PowerPoint material)

  4. Our certificates have got an online verification code. You can check from your mobile camera any time and forever. All you need is your mobile and internet access.

  5. We have a rich list of well-chosen training topics. Although the topics cover all areas and sectors, we keep on updating them to follow new training topics & trends.

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