Healthcare Human Resources Management for Hospital Professionals

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Last updated Mon, 27-Mar-2023
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No matter your status, this is about the human resources and healthcare that you need to stay ahead of the curve.

* Important note: Course registration in Istanbul for 5 people or more, we guarantee 2-day site-visit to one public & one private prestigious hospitals


Course Objectives of Dynamics of HRM for Healthcare/Hospital Professionals 

  • Identify the types of healthcare organizations.

  • Explain the unique aspects of managing human resources in healthcare organizations.

  • Discuss several of the human resource challenges existing in healthcare.

  • Explain how healthcare HR planning contributes to the attainment of organizational strategies and objectives.

  • Define HR planning in healthcare organizations.

  • Describe the orientation, training, and staff development requirements of the joint commission.

  • Explain the nature of safety, health, and security in the healthcare workplace.

  • Identify the various aspects of occupational safety and health administration compliance.

  • Discuss the challenges that confront healthcare employers in providing benefits and variable pay programs.

Day 1
The Nature and Challenges of Healthcare HR Management

  • Healthcare HR Insights          

  • Nature of Healthcare Organizations             

  • The Current State of Healthcare       

  • The Future of Healthcare      

  • HR Challenges in Healthcare 

  • Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations    

  • The HR Function in Healthcare          

  • HR Management Activities   

Day 9
Labor Relations & Healthcare Organizations
  • Healthcare HR Insights          

  • Unions in the Healthcare Industry     

  • Labor-Relations Philosophy               

  • Legal Framework for Union–Management Relations                                  

  • The Unionization Process in Healthcare       

  • Collective Bargaining and the Negotiating Process                          

  • Contract Administration        

Healthcare Compensation Practices 

  • Healthcare HR Insights          

  • Healthcare Compensation Responsibilities  

  • Nature of Compensation                   

  • Legal Requirements for Pay Systems            

  • Development of a Base Pay System             

  • Issues Involving Pay Increases                       

  • Executive Compensation       

Day 8
Performance Management in Healthcare Organizations

  • Healthcare HR Insights          

  • Performance Management               

  • Performance Appraisal          

  • Conflicting Roles of Performance Appraisal 

  • Who Conducts Appraisals      

  • Methods of Appraising Performance            

  • Rater Errors               

  • Appraisal Feedback   

  • Effective Performance Management          

Day 7
Training and Development in Healthcare Organizations

  • Healthcare HR Insights          

  • Nature of Training in Healthcare Organizations       

  • The Training Process 

  • Types of Training       

  • Developing Human Resources           

  • Choosing a Development Approach  

  • Special Issues in Healthcare Employee Development          

Day 6
Organizational Relations and Employee Retention in Healthcare

  • Healthcare HR Insights          

  • Individual/Organizational Relationships       

  • Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment   

  • Retention of Human Resources        

  • Work/Life Balance     

  • Retention Management Process       

Day 5
Healthcare Recruitment and Selection

  • Healthcare HR Insights          

  • Recruiting and Labor Markets           

  • Planning and Strategic Decisions Regarding Recruiting       

  • Internal Recruiting     

  • External Recruiting    

  • Internet Recruiting    

  • Other Sources for Healthcare Recruitment  

  • Recruiting Evaluation and Metrics    

Day 4
Job Design and Analysis

  • Healthcare HR Insight

  • Accomplishing Strategic Objectives through Job Design

  • Nature of Job Analysis in Healthcare Organizations

  • Uses of Job Analysis

  • Work Schedules and Job Analysis     

  • Job Analysis and Legal Issues

  • Human Reactions to Job Analysis     

  • Job Analysis Methods

  • The Job Analysis Process       

  • Job Description Components 

Day 3
Legal Issues Affecting the Healthcare Workplace

  • Healthcare HR Insights          

  • Equal Employment Opportunity        

  • Affirmative Action     

  • Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment       

  • Age Discrimination    

  • Americans with Disabilities Act        

  • Other Bases of Discrimination          

  • Enforcement Agencies

  • Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures      

  • Elements of EEO Compliance

Day 2
Healthcare HR Competencies, Structures, and Quality Standards

  • Healthcare HR Insights          

  • Competencies for Healthcare Management and HR

  • HR Departments and Healthcare Organizational Charts      

  • Measuring Healthcare HR Management      

  • Joint Commission (JCAHO) and Healthcare Management    

Day 10
Safety, Health, and Security in Healthcare Organizations
  • Healthcare HR Insights

  • Nature of Safety, Health, and Security

  • The Joint Commission and Safety, Health, and Security

  • Legal Requirements for Safety and Health

  • Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)

  • Safety Management

  • Health

  • Security


If site-visit to the hospital is applicable, we will visit one public & one  private hospital to cover the following:

  • Observing day-to-day responsibilities such as managing human resources, allocating budgets and other financial resources, submitting reports, and maintaining and managing IT systems and databases, coordinating with doctors, physicians, nurses, surgeons, health information technicians, pharmacists, and other professionals to ensure patient quality care, treatment, and rehabilitation.

  • Understanding the roles with regard to making a policy decision, overseeing patient care, budgeting and accounting, marketing, and driving policy impacting and technology innovations in the hospital.

  • Being familiar with the role of serving as a mediator between goals, strategies, and day-to-day activities.

  • Depending on the availability, the field visits and training will be made to JCI accredited A class hospitals

  • Q&A session with the hospital founder/manager

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