Customer Service Excellence for the Public Sector

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The Client Service and Public Relations Masterclass Educating program will certainly furnish participants with particular tools, abilities and also methods that are specific and proven to be efficient in generating company or institutional success, tools which, when applied, yield boosted typical efficiency, abilities to create actual and high-value leads, abilities to browse public connections and customer care characteristics to maximize chances for company's services and products.

Course Goals of Customer Support Excellence for the Public Industry

  • Develop an approach to building a much more aggressive, customer-centric public industry company
  • Develop and form the general public markets' brand name assurance
  • Define customer care quality-- identifying your consumers' worth
  • Understand how to determine and also keep an eye on the customer care experience to support enhancements in line with the public field approach
  • Understand the barriers to providing remarkable customer support whatsoever public service client 'touchpoints'.
  • Effective feedback to complaints in the public sector.
  • Understand just how to determine client service culture.
  • Create internal processes that sustain the public field service commitment to the client making use of analysis devices.

Day 1
What do We Want Our Customers to Experience?

  • The importance of customer care

  • Understand why superior service is critical

  • Why good service isn’t good enough

  • Identifying how excellence in public sector customer service is delivered and managed

  • Understand the need for customer service skills and what they look like at each customer ‘touchpoint

Day 2
Measuring Customer Service Success

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your current customer service approach

  • Identify and correct service barriers

  • Solve priority customer service problems

  • Service quality tools and techniques – cause and effect analysis, Pareto Analysis, etc.

  • Approaches used by the public sector internationally to deliver customer service excellence

Day 3
Demonstrate Customer Service Professionalism

  • Maintain and sustain a positive mental attitude

  • Build and monitor the service team to exceeding customer expectations every time

  • Identify ‘best practice’ in managing different customer situations, including complaints

  • Mastering the ways to develop & maintain a positive, customer service focused, attitude

Day 4
Handling Complaints

  • Mastering the techniques for dealing with difficult customers

  • Stopping complaints from recurring

  • What satisfies customers who complain?

  • The six satisfaction elements to embrace when handling complaints

  • Handling difficult customers

Day 5
Customer Service Management Strategy
  • Quality Service Statement

  • Cultural analysis/measurement

  • Support values & beliefs by creating and sharing success stories

  • Update customer service systems/procedures

  • Re-recruit’ customer service employees using a toolkit

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