Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques

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We decide to eat. Some issues are much more complicated, like determining exactly how to prioritize our job, or understanding why a procedure failed and choosing what to do concerning it; these call for a rational technique for problem-solving. Commonly, points get even much more difficult, or our choices might have an essential effect on our lives, careers, or the lives of those around us; that is where we have to have the ability to assume seriously and also see to it there is no defect in our reasoning. At various other times, the problem is so unusual that it opposes sensible and also essential thinking; these are the moments where imaginative trouble addressing becomes an important device.

In this course, we will cover all these crucial thinking techniques. After comprehending the thinking mechanisms, we will provide you with approaches as well as devices that you will exercise throughout the sessions which can help you at work or in life, and from the most ordinary situations to the toughest or unusual ones.

Program Objectives of Best Practices in Trouble Addressing, Decision-Making & Creative thinking

  • Construct as well as increase decision-making, critical reasoning, and also innovative problem-solving skills
  • Apply sensible and innovative approaches to addressing problems as well as making decisions
  • Use traditional as well as innovative tools for identifying causes and also creating solutions
  • Use creative thinking as well as the association of ideas as company tools
  • Assess and address real issues encountered them at the office
  • Demonstrate as well as develop reliability with upper management
  • Develop tactical methods to âEUR 'problem resolving and decision making

Day 1
Problem-solving and decision making

  • Definition of ‘problem’

  • Definition of ‘problem-solving’

  • Definition of ‘decision making’

  • Creative problem solving and decision making

  • The helicopter view

  • Problem diagnosis

  • Defining the opportunity or problem

  • The link between causes and symptoms

  • Problem deviation

  • The right decisions at the right time

Day 2
The rational approach to problem-solving (Kepner & Tregoe)

  • Defining the problem

  • Writing a problem statement

  • Techniques for recognizing problems

  • Six important questions to clear out

  • The rational approach

  • Kepner & Tregoe

Day 3
Problem analysis supplementary tools

  • Root cause analysis

  • Creative problem solving and decision making

  • The five-why process

  • The cause and effect diagram

  • The fishbone diagram

  • Pareto analysis

Day 4
Decision making supplementary tools

  • Effective decision making

  • Why-Why and how-how analysis

  • The how-how method

  • Choice making

  • The decision analysis worksheet

  • The Kepner & Tregoe method for analyzing alternatives

  • Use of the matrix

  • Effective decision making

  • The decision-making matrix

  • Definition of ‘consensus’

Day 5
Creativity and problem solving
  • The need for thinking skills

  • Mental structures of college students

  • Stages in problem-solving and decision making

  • The human brain

  • Understanding the two hemispheres of the brain

  • Critical thinking

  • Lateral thinking

  • Mental blocks to creative thinking

  • Brainstorming

  • The six thinking hats

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