Achieving Performance Excellence through Benchmarking

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This consists of various other industries that perform comparable functions, similar organizations that are geographically separated, and also charitable or public organizations. Under the ideal conditions, benchmarking can be performed by straight rivals, causing enhanced performance benefiting all stakeholders. Benchmarking not only offers recognition of what as well as where "best" efficiency lie, yet extra significantly, it enables the standard change that inside focused groups in some cases fail to achieve. It cultivates innovative fostering as well as adjustment of "finest" techniques to help companies acquire as well as preserve a competitive advantage.

Training Course Goals of Accomplishing Performance Quality with Benchmarking

  • Just how to commence applying an effective efficiency measurement system for shared solutions.
  • Exactly how to analyze arise from efficiency measurements and also for that reason whether the process awaits enhancement.
  • In the event that a process is not ready for enhancement, delegates will certainly know what actions are required to prepare it for improvement.
  • Exactly how to utilize a reliable enhancement methodology to boost process efficiency.
  • What benchmarking is and why it is becoming progressively essential for companies to end up being involved in benchmarking activities.
  • Exactly how to select, define, strategy, as well as apply effective benchmarking projects.
  • Just how to make sure that finest methods are identified as well as carried out within the organization, being adapted if proper.

Day 1
Performance Measurement: The Starting Point for Improvement

  • The Need for Measurement

  • Data Use and Abuse: Using Data Constructively

  • Methods of Selecting Performance Measures

  • Developing a Framework for Measurement

  • Understanding Variation: The key to understanding performance

  • What histograms, run charts, and control charts tell us about performance

  • The Rods Experiment

Day 2
Continuous Improvement

  • Understanding Variation: The Range and Standard Deviation

  • The Rods Experiment Part 2: Understanding the Results

  • Taking Appropriate Action on a Process: Improvement or Investigation?

  • An Introduction to Control Charts: The Key to Taking Appropriate Action

  • The Juran Trilogy©

  • How to Improve a Process: An Introduction to the 12 step Methodology

  • The Power of Teamwork

  • Problem and Mission Statements

Day 3
The Tools of Continuous Improvement

  • Understanding and Analyzing a Process: Flow Diagrams

  • Identifying causes of problems, and potential solutions: Brainstorming

  • Demonstrating the link between a cause and its effect: Cause-Effect diagrams

  • Understanding the Process: Quantitative Display Tools (line charts, bar charts, and pie charts)

  • Selecting the key aspects to focus on. Pareto Analysis

  • Investigating Relationships between Variables: Scatter Diagrams and Correlation

  • Advanced investigations: An Introduction to Regression

Day 4
An Introduction to Benchmarking

  • What is benchmarking?

  • Why we need to benchmark?

  • The Benefits of benchmarking: Why organisations benchmark

  • History of benchmarking

  • Different Methods of benchmarking and how they relate to each other

  • How to identify potential benchmarking projects

  • An overview of the benchmarking process

  • Advice on selecting your first project

Day 5
Running a Successful Benchmarking Project

  • Scoping a benchmarking study

  • Planning and resource scheduling

  • Normalising

  • Identifying and selecting benchmarking Metrics

  • Identifying and selecting benchmarking partners

  • Securing benchmarking project support

  • Inviting organisations to join the benchmarking study

  • Data capture & analysis

  • Reporting: the starting point for improvement

  • Codes of conduct

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