Organisational Development Specialist


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Course overview

Program goals of Organisational Growth Expert

  • Recognize the area of organizational advancement.
  • Assess the organization's preparedness for growth.
  • Provide data associated with business advancement.
  • Drafting business advancement.
  • Apply adjustment administration procedures.

Day 1
Institutional Development Overview

  • Introduction to the field of institutional development

  • The main conceptual framework for institutional development

  • The history of institutional development and its pioneers

  • Practical Research Form

  • Determine needs

  • Assessing the organization's readiness for development

  • How Human Resources and Organization Benefited from Institutional Development

Day 2
Organizational Development Analytics

  • Create data collection tools

  • Preparing and facilitating feedback sessions

  • Conducting interviews and giving feedback

  • aggregate data

  • Data collection

  • View data and notes

  • data collection plan

  • Gain acceptance and purchase

  • select first

Day 3
organizational development

  • Strategy assets

  • Strategic Planning

  • Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks

  • Vision

  • the message

  • strategic goals

  • Institutional Development

  • central quality

  • central compensation

  • central performance

  • Define action plans

  • Develop project plans

Day 4
The overlap of institutional development and its changes

  • Designing institutional development interventions

  • Organizing customer needs

  • What is change management?

  • Implementation of the change management process

  • internal customer satisfaction

  • Evaluation of results

  • sustainability of change

Day 5
Institutional Development Maintenance
  • Preparing the organization for maintenance

  • Create a protective system

  • Expenses vs. Final Results (Return on Investment)

  • Sustainability audit

  • Entrepreneurship and continuous development

  • Dialogue Institutional Development versus Diagnosing Institutional Development

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