Improving Communication Skills


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Course overview

Program Objectives of Advanced Communication Abilities

  • The difference in between Interaction Skills as well as Advanced Interaction Abilities
  • Communication Basics, Process, and also Components
  • Degree up your Interaction Skills
  • Building Connection
  • Devices for innovative interaction

Day 1
Introduction – Advanced Communication Skills
  • What Is the Difference between Communication Skills and Advanced Communication Skills?

  • Which Advanced Communication Skills?

Review of Communication Basics

  • The Communication Process

  • Elements of Communication

  • Taking Your Communication Skills to the Next Level

Day 2
Examining the Communications Process

  • Types of Input

  • Filters

  • The Internal Map, Internal State, and Behavior or Response

  • Why This Matters

Day 3
Internal Representation

  • Internal Representation of Our World

  • Language as a Representational System

  • Verbal Clues

  • Visual Representation System

  • Auditory Representational System

  • Kinaesthetic Representational System

  • Auditory Digital Representational System

  • Eye Movements as an Indication

  • Phrases for Use in Response to Each Representational System

Day 4
Building Rapport

  • Six Steps to Building Rapport

  • Calibration

  • Perceptual Positions

Day 5
Tools for Advanced Communication

  • Reframing

  • Linguistic Tools for Advanced Communicators

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