Public Private Partnership (PPP)

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Roadways, airport terminals, institutions, health centres and housing: the listing is massive and expanding. Yet severely restricted budgets and also deficits remain to prevent government at all levels from supplying the sort of structural modification that has always been needed. In Center East, nonetheless, some countries in the area have established fairly effective PPP programmes-- similar in numerous means yet with particular national characteristics. Challenges continue to be throughout the area as well as are intensifying in the current atmosphere.

Just understanding the concepts of PPP does underestimate our fantastic duty of having possession of our nation's future. We already know what we require to do, currently is the time to discover HOW.

This master course intends to do simply that. We are starting with an in-depth understanding of just how PPPs function, from financial, business, job & legal aspects, we look to press our participants to innovate with reality study, group discussions as well as technological evaluation.

Program Goals

Financial & Commercial elements of PPP, e.g. funding, just how to bring in investors, job finance, ROI

Project element of PPP, e.g. task planning, expense control, risks, implementation

The lawful aspects of PPP, e.g. contract, law, dispute resolution

Sector-by-sector analysis of PPP models and frameworks

Constructing a real PPP design utilizing Excel


  • The Debate: What Should the State Provide?

  • Case Study: The privatisation agenda

  • Case Study: PPP experience in Africa / the Gulf – the good, bad and ugly

  • Case Study: Why has the UK rejected PPP?

  • Case Study: Taxation structures for private investment in infrastructure

  • What Really Matters

  • Case Study in structure: Lease-Develop-Operate (LDO) and Wrap-Around Addition (WAA)

  • Group Discussion: Technical skills and the public sector – what needs fixing?

  • Case Study: Corruption and inefficiency in PPP delivery – causes, course and consequences

  • Sectoral Analysis: Toll Roads / Railways / Schools and Hospitals / Housing etc.


  • Project Evaluation

  • Case Study: International comparison of best practice guides in PPP experience and their application

  • PPP Procedures

  • Case Study: National PPP procedures compared to PF2 and other international practice

  • Case Study: What happens when projects fail?

  • Financing the Project

  • Case Study: The role of the African Development Bank / Islamic Development Bank

  • Case Study: Review of a PPP funding structure

  • Module 7: Specific Contract Issues

  • Case Study: How to rate a PPP transaction

  • Case Study: Types of project finance structures appropriate for infrastructure finance

  • Exercise: Resolving finance and structural issues in infrastructure provision

Day 3
Day 3

  • Overview of Risk and Risk Allocation

  • Case Study: Comparative risk evaluation in water and sanitation treatment plants

  • More to Consider

  • Organizing Legal Agreements

  • Case Study: The standard PPP contract (including guidance and contracts in Africa / Middle East)

  • Case Study: the UK Local Government contract – how useful?

  • Case Study: Indian concession contract for a toll road – evaluation

  • The Future of Private Finance for Infrastructure

  • Case Study: International comparison of best practice guides in PPP experience and their application


  • PPP Modelling

  • Project Cash Flow

  • Project Finance and PPP Models

  • Case Study: Valuation and Cash Flow models

  • Case Study: Revenue and cost models

  • Project Finance in Practice

  • Project Finance/PPP Model Issues

  • Case Study: Modelling cash flow waterfalls

  • Approaches to Rating in Project Finance/PPP Models

  • Using Project Finance/PPP Models

  • Case Study: Review of several project finance models and their decision-making input

  • Building a PPP Model

  • Project review

  • Analyzing the inputs

  • Dealing with input priorities

  • Data plausibility

  • Cash flow projections

  • Loan assessment

  • IRR NPV and other valuation analysis

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