Modern Supplier Management, Development & Optimization

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Course Objectives of Modern Supplier Management, Development & Optimization

  • Identify the Key Suppliers in the company

  • Analyze the relationship with the Key Supplier

  • Understand the Key Suppliers strategy and its fit for the company

  • Identify the organization and the process to manage key suppliers

  • Understand the benefits, risks, and key success factors to implement SRM.

  • Set-up a structured process to identify, analyze, and manage Key Suppliers

Day 1
Supplier Relationship Management

  • Definition, benefits, and risks of SRM

  • The processes and tools to implement SRM and Key Supplier Management

  • Identifying Key Suppliers in a portfolio

  • Focusing on a Key Supplier

  • Identifying the Key Supplier business strategy

  • Analyzing the buying company’s attractiveness to the Key Supplier

  • Understanding personal networks among the company and the Key Supplier

  • Benchmarking actual examples of Supplier's strategic mapping matrix and Global commodity strategic analysis

  • Workshops and cases

Day 2
Company and the Key Supplier

  • Defining objectives for a Key Supplier

  • Identifying the action plan to manage the Key Supplier

  • Setting up the organization to manage the Key Supplier (Key Supplier Manager)

  • Understanding the purchasing Company’s maturity levels to drive and enable the SRM process

    • From transactional process to Value chain integration

  • Benchmarking actual examples of performance measurement

    • Suppliers Scorecards, Customers Satisfaction Index, Suppliers Satisfaction Index

  • From Scorecards to qualitative TCO:

    • Integrating the customers’ expectations into Key suppliers’ management objectives

Day 3
Supplier Development & Optimization

  • Measuring suppliers’ performance

  • Efficiency and effectiveness

  • Early warnings

  • Linking TCO and Metrics

Day 4
Managing risk
  • Identifying and monitoring risk

  • Assessing the Value at risk

  • Monitoring risk


  • Why is sustainability important?

  • The role of purchasing regarding sustainability

  • Mapping risk and opportunities

  • Ensuring compliance

Day 5
Leading supplier development project
  • Concepts

  • Tools

  • Managing a supplier development project


  • Anticipate and mitigate risk.

  • Integrate sustainability in the purchasing process.

  • Solve problems using a structured approach.

  • Create and implement a supplier development project.

  • Manage effectively supplier performance.

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