International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) & Updates

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This training course is established with input from subject experts from throughout the area. It is developed to offer bookkeeping and finance professionals with the training, expertise, as well as useful assistance. This advice is needed to make use of IFRS as well as stay up to date with its latest requirements and also adjustments.

Training Course Goals of International Financial Coverage Specifications (IFRS) & Updates

  • Explain the setup procedure in IFRS and also list the presently readily available criteria
  • Describe the most current updates on existing IFRS as well as examine the impact of newly released requirements on their organization/sector.

  • Identify the correct discussion as well as minimum disclosure for elements of statements. These elements can be economic setting, statements of detailed earnings, proprietors' equity, and capital based on IFRS.

  • Appraise as well as effectively account for deals influencing existing possessions as well as obligations, as well as non-current assets. In addition to liabilities, revenues, as well as expenses according to IFRS.

  • Apply professional judgment in applying IFRS for matters associating with non-recurrent company purchases.

Day 1
Introduction to IFRS and presentation of financial statements

  • Defining the term 'IFRS'

  • IFRS standard-setting process

  • Financial position presentation format as per IAS1, presentation of financial statements

    • Components and defining of current and non-current assets and liabilities

    • Offsetting assets and liabilities

  • Income statement minimum presentation requirements as per IAS1, presentation of financial statements

    • Presentation of revenues and expenses by nature or by function

  • Components and ranking of stockholders’ equity

    • Other comprehensive income: nature of its components

  • Supplemental disclosures

Day 2
IFRS rules for current assets and liabilities

  • Cash and cash equivalents (IFRS 9)

  • Accounts receivable (IFRS 9):

    • Estimating allowance for doubtful and bad debts

    • Pledging, assigning, and factoring receivables

  • Accounts payable and accruals (IFRS 9)

  • Inventory (IAS 2):

    • Ownership: when to include inventory in your books

    • Measurement at initial recognition: what to include in 'cost'

    • Inventory cost-flow assumptions

    • Subsequent measurement: lower cost or net achievable value

Day 3
IFRS rules for non-current assets and liabilities

  • Property, plant, and equipment (IAS 16):

  • Initial recognition and subsequent measurement

  • Cost model versus the revaluation model

  • Assets held-for-sale (IFRS 5)

  • Treatment of decommissioning costs (IAS 37)

  • Impairment of property, plant, and equipment (IAS 36)

    • Intangible assets (IAS 38)

    • Cost Model vs. Revaluation Model

  • Situations where some intangible assets are not recognized in financial positions

    • Investment property (IAS 40)

      • Distinguishing investment property from other assets

      • Cost model versus the fair value model

    • Provisions, contingent liabilities, and contingent assets (IAS 37)

Day 4
Investment securities (IFRS 9)
  • Type of investment securities

  • Classification under IFRS 9: Fair Value Through Profit or Loss (FVTPL), Fair Value Through Other Comprehensive income (FVTOCI), amortized cost

  • Initial recognition and subsequent measurement

  • Transfer between categories

  • Impairment of financial assets under the new standard

Revenue from contracts with customers (IFRS 15)

  • Scope of IFRS 15

  • Describing the five-step model framework under IFRS 15

    • Step 1: Identifying the contract with the customer

    • Step 2: Identifying the performance obligations in the contract

      • Separating goods from services

    • Step 3: Determining the transaction price

      • Effect of the time value of money

      • Accounting for variable consideration

    • Step 4: Allocating the transaction price to the performance obligations in the contract

    • Step 5: Recognizing revenue when the entity satisfies a performance obligation

      • Separating performance obligation satisfied at a point in time from performance obligation satisfied over a period of time

Day 5
IFRS 16, Leases
  • Reasons for the transition from IAS 17 to IFRS 16

  • Recognition exemptions: expensing lease payments

    • How will the lease of small value items be affected?

  • Identifying a lease transaction

  • Separating components of the lease contract

  • Accounting by lessees

  • Accounting by lessors

  • Effective date and transition

Wrap-up on newest standards and list of current and prior years' updates on IFRSs

  • Newest standards published by IASB

  • Standards amended in 2016 with effect in 2019

  • Standards amended in 2017 with effect in 2019

  • Standards amended in 2018 with effect in 2019

  • Standards amended in 2019


Training Methodology

With Blackbird Training Centre, our training methodology deals with the methods aimed to design and implement training successfully. Before every training programme, we ask for your own training needs input so that our instructors and coaches approach the outlines accordingly. This may, also, involve using Coaching, mentoring, Roleplaying, Films, videos, and Case studies. Our training programmes are led by:

  • Individual Training Needs Assessment (TNA)

  • Client context-based Delivery

  • Mini-workshops and learning activities

  • Competency-based Training Programmes


Skills you will have during the training:

  • Income statements and cash flow statement

  • Knowledge of international financial reports

  • International financial reporting standards IFRS

  • Accounting standards board iasb

  • The difference between financial reporting and financial statements

  • Investing activities

  • Writing Company financial reports and balance sheet


What will add to your experiences?

IFRS certification is an important value in the global world. This course will develop financial decision-making skills. It's considered an executive education finance and financing activities in the global market. This will cover:

  • The international accounting standards board

  • Business financial reports and financial accounting and reporting

  • Financial variance analysis report examples

  • International journal of managerial finance and international trade

  • Professional finance competencies in mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance as well as international accounting standards board

  • International finance and IFRS reporting

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