CIPP- Certified International Procurement Professional

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The CIPP program is a core certification program of  IPSCMI which offers the designation of Certified International Procurement Professional (Level I) to candidates who demonstrate their understanding of the fundamentals of the profession through successful completion of rigorous professional certification examinations based upon the International Purchasing Body Of Knowledge (IPBOK).

Basic documentation, including contracts, used in international procurement; legal, political, and organizational considerations; cultural issues within the negotiation process; and government regulations affecting the import/export process.


Course Objectives of CIPP: Certified International Procurement Professional

  • Learn and implement Best in Class Procurement techniques.

  • Learn and implement Modern Trends in Supply Chain Management.

  • Improve the process of selecting, developing, and managing the Supplier.

  • Master of the Contract Management process in Procurement.

  • Use the designation CIPP on your business card and resume.

Day 1
Understanding the role of Procurement within the organization

  • Successfully Building, Developing and Managing the Procurement Function

  • Managing Cost not Price

  • Personality Profiling Exercise

  • Effectively Managing Procurement Projects

Day 2
Commodity / Category based Procurement - What is it?

  • Spend Profiling: How to assess your company's spend

  • Existing Supplier Profiling: How to assess your company’s existing Suppliers. Includes a real-life case study from an FTSE 100 company.

  • Supply Market Profiling: Developing a complete understanding of the supply market and knowledge of where the power lies.

  • Building High-Level Commodity Strategies

Day 3
Identification of Suppliers for the Tender List:

  •  Selecting the right Suppliers for the tender includes a real-life case study from an FTSE100 company

  • The Tender Process

Day 4
Pricing – Understanding, selecting, and building

  • the correct pricing model for the products or services being purchased. Including numerous worked examples

  • Key Performance Indicators and Appropriate SLA’s

  • Negotiation – Building a position of strength for effective negotiation

Day 5
Detailed, interactive in-depth review of all key areas covered during the week
  • Supply Chain Management Discussion – the importance of procurement to the success of the organization as a whole

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