Advanced Certificate Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

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  • There are different models for corporate administration and also threat monitoring, all of which objective to arrange the connection between stakeholders. in between the organisation as well as stakeholders and controlling risks efficiently. Administration, Danger Management, Compliance, as well as Reliable Interior Controls' are all part of one system. And this is a vital fact that, Regrettably, not all companies have this progressive appearance in the direction of this system.

    This course consists of conversations regarding the board framework, committees, and their functions. It covers the process of managing threats based on the Board of Funding Organizations of the Treadway Compensation (COSO) demands.

    Additionally, the program consists of a conversation on inner controls. Those controls are made use of to reply to the threats in various areas of the firm. Conformity is also covered per the most up-to-date developments.

Course Objectives of Advanced Administration, Danger and also Conformity (GRC).

  • Define corporate/public governance and its link to running the risk of management as well as interior controls.

  • Talk about the duties and also responsibilities of the various stakeholders in an exclusive or public company.
  • Note the features of corporate/public governance as well as determine the difference between the different versions.

  • Recognize the key areas of risk management and its outside and inner environment adjustments.

  • Recognize the appropriate controls to be executed in an exclusive or public field company.

Day 1
Overview of governance, risk management, and internal controls

  • Definition of corporate/public governance

  • The scope of corporate/public governance

  • Essential corporate/public governance principles

  • Code of conduct

  • The board of directors

  • The audit committee

  • Other committees

Day 2
Stakeholders in Corporate/Public Governance (CG)

    • Stakeholders

    • Shareholders rights

    • Directors’ duties and rights

    • Internal auditors and external auditors

    • Risk-based decision making

    • CG failure effects

    • The efficient board

    Functions of corporate/public governance

    • Independence of the board

    • Selection, compensation, and evaluation of the board

    • Analyzing the current system of the organisation

    • Disclosure and transparency

Day 3
Introduction to compliance
  • Definition of compliance

  • Importance of compliance

  • Practical examples of compliance

  • Risks of compliance

Enterprise Risk Management

  • Risk perception

  • Why should you pay attention to risk?

  • Internal environment changes

  • External environment changes

Risk Management areas

  • Strategic area

  • Operations Processes

  • Reporting and reporting lines

  • Financial Risk management

  • Health and safety of the organisation

Day 4
Risk management process per COSO guidelines
  • Internal environment

  • Objectives setting

  • Event identification

  • Risk assessment

  • Risk response

  • Control activities

  • Information and communication

  • Risk monitoring

Implementing controls in business cycles

  • Controls in the purchase and payment cycle

  • Controls in inventory and costing cycle

  • Controls in HR and payroll cycle

  • Controls in sales and collection cycle

  • Controls in fixed assets life cycle

Day 5
Closing Workshop
  • Apply it at work! What works and doesn’t? How? And Why?

  • Best Practices and latest updates

  • Case studies, success stories as well as failure stories

  • Modern application through IT, software programs, and/or mobile applications

  • Share top and recent 3 book titles in this field


Abstract from the course book

The phrase “corporate governance” describes “the framework of rules, grc activities, relationships, systems and processes within and by which authority is exercised and controlled within corporations. It encompasses the mechanisms by which companies, and those in control, are held to account.” 

Corporate governance is the broad term used to describe the processes, customs, policies, laws, and institutions that direct the organizations and corporations and risk management professionals in the way they act or administer and control their operations. It works to achieve the goal of the organization and manages the relationship among the stakeholders

Corporate governance means steering an organization in the desired direction by determining ways to make effective strategic decisions. It also deals with the accountability of the individuals through a mechanism that reduces the principal agent problem in the organization

Corporate Governance has a broad scope. It includes both social and institutional aspects. Corporate Governance encourages a trustworthy, as well as work environment. and Defines actions and controls. In other words, the heart of corporate governance and grc program is transparency, disclosure, business process, accountability, integrity, and acting with integrity. It is to be borne in mind that mere legislation does not ensure good governance. Good governance flows from ethical business practices and performance management even when there is no legislation.

Training Methodology

With Blackbird Training Centre, our training methodology deals with the methods aimed at designing and implementing training successfully. Before every training programme, we ask for your own training needs input. This way our instructors and coaches approach the outlines accordingly.

This may, also, involve using Coaching, mentoring, Roleplaying, Films, videos, and Case studies. Our training programmes are led by:

  • Individual Training Needs Assessment (TNA)

  • Client context-based Delivery

  • Mini-workshops and learning activities

  • Our Training Programmes focus on your Competency level


This is one of the best GRC training courses because it can be considered as:

  • Risk management certification to be a certified risk manager

  • Risk management course and it offers a certificate in risk management

  • Risk management certification and compliance officer training

This risk management training course is related to governance risk and compliance certification, compliance certificate programs, and corporate compliance courses.

Corporate governance training courses, and governance training courses are many worldwide. This course is the best compliance training program of the compliance certification programs in the world. It can be considered a certified risk manager course, or governance certification.

As a governance and compliance manager, you will master:

  • Corporate compliance and risk management

  • Corporate governance and compliance


Why Blackbird Training Centre?

  • Your training needs are well respected. So, we have a training advisor to help you choose the right course for you. And, we are flexible enough to adjust the training programme to fit your organisation and the training depth required.

  • We are available worldwide at any time. Our resources and business network are huge. In that sense, we are adaptable to your own personal preferences.

  • In each course, we also offer a reference training book (not just PowerPoint material)

  • Our certificates have got an online verification code. You can use your mobile camera at any time and forever. All you need is your mobile and internet access.

  • We have a rich list of well-chosen training topics. Although the topics cover all areas and sectors, we keep on

  • updating them to follow new training topics & trends.

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