The Process of Professional Strategic Planning


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Course overview

In this program, we will certainly cover the 7 steps of the technique administration procedure, starting with the 'reasoning' parts of the approach, relocating right into the 'planning' components, and ending with 'execution'. At the end of the training course, individuals will certainly have the ability to execute or boost the tactical process at their organizations to reach their vision and achieve their goals.

Course Objectives of The Process of Specialist Strategic Preparation

  • Apply strategic believing to assess their present atmosphere as well as identify their organizational passion
  • Utilize the tactical monitoring procedure to accomplish the wanted aspiration best
  • Examine and select techniques that develop a sustainable competitive advantage for the organization
  • Identify tactical purposes, Trick Performance Indicators (KPIs), and also 'SMART' targets for the company
  • Transform strategic plans into operating strategies by developing critical campaigns and also sequencing activities
  • Participate in the efficiency administration cycle to ensure the correct implementation of selected strategies

Day 1
Strategic thinking and planning
  • Strategy safari

  • The strategic management processes

  • Strategic thinking versus strategic planning

  • Benefiting from strategic management

  • Myths about strategy

Analysis of the environment

  • Porter's 5 forces

  • Creating and capturing value

  • Conducting a SWOT analysis

    • Internal strengths of an organization

    • Internal weaknesses of an organization

    • External opportunities

    • External threats

  • Fundamentals of the PEDESTL framework

  • Succeeding in strategic analysis

Day 2
Vision, mission statements, and values

  • Using vision and mission statements

  • Definition of vision statements

  • Formulating vision statements

  • Definition of mission statements

  • Formulating mission statements

  • Embracing organizational values

  • Communicating the vision, mission, and values

Day 3
Assessing strategic choices

  • The 3 primary goals of competitive strategy

  • Porter's generic competitive strategies

  • Value chain

  • Innovating in the industry value chain

  • Developing a competitive advantage

Day 4
Strategic objectives, KPIs, and targets

  • Ensuring strategic alignment in the organization

  • Developing effective strategic objectives

  • Using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

  • Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Characteristics of the right KPIs

  • Developing different types of KPIs

  • Setting SMART targets

Day 5
Developing operating plans

  • Cascading from vision to action plans

  • Criteria for effective action plans

  • Developing strategic initiatives

  • Developing departmental plans

  • Managing the execution of strategy

  • Control process

  • KPI dashboard reporting

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