The New Project Manager


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Course overview

Program Goals of The New Task Manager

  • Learn task monitoring fundamentals
  • Find out tools as well as techniques offered in a series of workouts
  • Recognize the role of the job manager
  • Comprehend the vital skills needed to make sure task success
  • Discover as well as practice the newest project management methods

Day 1
Project management concepts and definitions

  • Project Management Institute (PMI)

  • The PMBOK® Guide purpose and structure

  • The role of the project manager

  • Project manager competencies

  • The project manager interaction levels

  • Organizational influences and project life cycle

Day 2
The project team

  • Network diagrams and critical path

  • The project phases

  • The project management process group

  • Project initiating process group

  • Project planning process group

  • Project executing process group

  • Project monitoring & controlling process group

  • Project closing process group

Day 3
Project information

  • Project knowledge areas

  • Project integration and project charter

  • Developing the project management plan

  • Change requests and change management

  • Project scoping and scope baseline

  • Work breakdown structure (WBS)

  • Project schedule and schedule baseline

  • Sequencing project activities

  • Planning project resources and durations

Day 4
Project costing

  • Budget determination and control

  • Project and product quality assurance

  • Quality analysis and control

  • Acquiring the project team

  • Developing the project team

  • Leading and managing the project team

  • Communication within the project

  • Project performance reporting

Day 5
Project risks' identification
  • Risks’ qualitative and quantitate analysis

  • Risk response planning

  • Risk control

  • Project procurements and contracts

  • Project stakeholder management and engagement

  • Project lessons learned

  • Project closing and project documentation

  • Course wrap up and reaping the fruits

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