The A - Z of Logistics Management


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Course overview

The course’s main focus is on the optimization of transport, warehouse, and inventory management activities. In addition, it covers the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) framework for managing logistics key performance indicators.


Course Objectives of The A - Z of Logistics Management

  • Recognize modern supply chain and logistics trends as a basis for sustainable performance

  • Employ qualitative and quantitative material forecasting techniques for a streamlined logistical operation

  • Describe the role of transportation in logistics and identify opportunities for operational improvement

  • Identify the role of warehousing, focusing on operational throughput and performance optimization

  • Apply Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) framework

Day 1
Logistics trends and practices

  • Logistics overview

  • Logistics, supply chain, and the organization

  • Strategic, tactical, and operational elements of logistics

  • Sustainable logistics

  • Concepts in logistics

    • 3rd Party Logistics (3PL)

    • 4th Party Logistics (4PL)

Day 2
Transport management

  • Objectives of transport management

  • Costs associated with transport management

  • Transportation modes and types

  • Efficient and effective transportation

  • Matching the strategic service level

  • Drawing transportation routes

  • Managing cubing of cargo

  • Considerations for international transportation

Day 3
Warehousing operations

  • Warehousing network design

  • Configuration of warehousing space

  • Value-adding activities

  • Warehouse activity profiling

  • Warehousing cost calculation

  • Sustainable warehousing practices

Day 4
Inventory management

  • Materials management scope

  • Objectives of materials management

  • Inventory types and classification

  • Materials management challenges

  • Material replenishment strategies

Day 5
Logistics and performance management

  • The SCOR framework

  • Identifying high-level SCOR metrics

  • Customizing low-level SCOR metrics

  • Managing targets

  • Initiative for performance improvement

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