Selling Skills in E-Commerce


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Course overview

At the end of this training course, you will find out exactly how to better comprehend your brand name and also define your target market to ensure that you can place your brand online most effectively. You will also discover just how to develop a marketing as well as sales technique and also acquire the abilities called for to implement it.

Training Course Goals of Offering Abilities in Shopping

  • Create an engaging homepage to boost client's experience
  • Develop a checkout experience that succeeds
  • Assess the reasons individuals abandon baskets appropriately prior to checkout
  • Understand which Shopping platform is best for your business
  • Understanding your audience and developing targeted content will aid to boost consumer engagement

Day 1
Understanding E-Commerce Principles
  • Overview of Electronic Commerce (EC) and Technology Infrastructure

  • EC Revenue Models and E-Tailing

  • Creating the perfectly optimized homepage

  • Great Ecommerce design principles

  • From banners to beyond

  • Sharing your store's story in a second

  • Understanding your target audience

  • Which Ecommerce Platform is best?

Product Pages that Sell

  •  Category to Product pages

  •  The product information hierarchy

  •  Writing the perfect product description

  •  the importance of imagery

  •  Upselling

  •  Using recommendations to increase conversions

  •  How video can increase conversions

  •  SEO best practices

  •  Why simple is best

Day 2
Making the Sale
  • The Four Steps of a Sale

  • The Sales Process - A Practical Example

  •  Best Practices for Checkout pages

  • One-Click Checkouts

  •  Choosing and Using Payment Processors

  •  Understanding SSL

  •  Assessing and managing abandoned baskets

Core Selling Skills

  • Core Attributes You Need to Succeed

  • Communications Skills in Sales

  • Questioning Skills

  • Types of Questions

  • Listening Skills

  • Levels of Listening

  • What to Avoid

  • Getting Organized for Sales

Day 3
People Buy from People
  • How People Make Buying Decisions

  • The Rules of Likeability

  • The Importance of Empathy

  • Building Trust and Rapport

  • What Makes People Buy

ABC: Always Be Closing 

  • Asking for the Business

  • Buying Signals

  • Effective Closing Techniques

  • Types of Close

  • Framing the Close

  • Pitfalls When Closing the Sale

  • Trial Closing

  • The Most Powerful Word in Sales

  • Getting Repeat Business

Day 4
Advanced Selling Techniques
  • Cross-Selling

  • Up-Selling

  • Value Added (Suggestive) Selling

  • Advancing Opportunity

  • Exceeding Customer Expectations

  • Lifetime Value

  • Giving Recognition

Negotiation Tactics 

  • Basic Negations Quiz

  • Positional Bargaining or Principled Negotiation

  • Problems with Positional Bargaining

  • Opening up the Negotiation

  • Reverse Psychology in Negotiation

Day 5
Building Profitable Relationships
  • The Leaky Bucket Problem

  • Identifying Key Individuals

  • Prospecting

  • Influencers and Decision Makers

  • Talking to the Right People

  • Making that Good First Impression

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People

    • Dale Carnegie's Six Principles of Relationship

    • What’s In It for Me? (WIIFM)

    • Honesty and Integrity

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