FIDIC 2017 Contract Management & Administration


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Course overview

The course covers administration techniques as well as procedures in the "Pre-Contract" phase of the project consisting of the FIDIC Client Consultant Service Agreement. It likewise covers the "Message Agreement" award stage, including all agreement monitoring self-control and also insurance claims management issues. This sensible course discusses and also illustrates making use of the FIDIC conditions of contract for building the "Construction Agreement". The course covers the 1999 Agreements books with highlights about the 2nd Edition. The program will allow participants to gain self-confidence in working with these records, whether they stand for employers, experts, or professionals.

Training Course Purposes of FIDIC Dealings Administration

  • Execute FIDIC's principles, devices, as well as best methods for contract and job management
  • Show the responsibilities, responsibilities, and entitlements of the employer and also the professional
  • List the designer's various functions, obligations, and also responsibilities in connection with FIDIC contracts in conformity with the red publication 2017
  • Apply the appropriate repayments, insurance claims, and also dispute resolution devices as envisaged by the FIDIC agreements

Day 1
FIDIC contract documents

  • Introduction and principles

  • Introduction to FIDIC

  • Background to FIDIC contracts

  • Harmonization based on the type of project

  • Features of the 1999 editions with highlights regarding the Second Edition

Day 2
Structure of the documents

  • Forms

  • User-friendliness

  • Preparation of conditions of contract

  • The legal character of FIDIC conditions of contract

  • Relationship between FIDIC conditions of contract and legal systems 

  • Risk analysis

  • Which form to use

  • Overview of the 1999 contracts

  • Construction contract

  • Main differences between the construction contracts

Day 3
Responsibilities of the main parties

    • Clause 1: General provisions and general issues

    • Clause 2: The employer

    • Clause 3: The engineer

    • Clause 4: The contractor

    • Clause 5: Construction contract - nominated subcontractors Clause 5: Plant and design-build contract - design

    Management of projects

    • Clause 6: Staff and labor

    • Clause 7: Plant material and workmanship

    • Clause 8: Commencement delays and suspension

    Tests on completion

    • Clause 9: Tests on completion

    • Clause 10: Employer’s taking over; defects liability

    • Clause 11: Plant contract - tests after completion

Day 4
Financial clauses and procedures
  • Clause 12: Construction contract - measurement and evaluation

  • Clause 13: Variations and adjustments

  • Clause 14: Contract price and payment

Suspension and termination

  • Clause 15: Termination by employer

  • Clause 16: Suspension and termination by contractor

Risk, liability, and force majeure

  • Clause 17: Risk and responsibility

  • Clause 18: Liability and insurance

  • Clause 19: Force majeure

Day 5
Claims, disputes, and arbitration
  • Clause 20: Claims, disputes, and arbitration

  • Inherent project risk

  • Contractor’s claims and employer’s claims; claims procedures

  • Disputes

  • Amicable settlement

  • Dispute adjudication board

  • Arbitration

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