Medical Tourism and Healthcare Quality

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Performance improvement is an important organizational capability that is essential for healthcare organizations to achieve excellence on the three components of the Triple Aim: patient experience, health, and cost.

Advanced Performance Improvement in Healthcare course explores the many recent advances in applying quality improvement approaches in the healthcare industry. It includes a discussion of the underlying forces for change in healthcare organizations, issues relating to statistical analysis and management of healthcare information, and comprehensive sections on lean and six sigma applications in healthcare.

The course provides healthcare educators, leaders, and clinicians with the specific knowledge and tools vital for creating and advocating for quality-centric, next-generation healthcare organizations.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the Medical Tourism and Healthcare Quality training course, participants will be able to:

       Develop a practical and meaningful approach to understanding how to have effective helping conversations with subordinates and co-workers.

       Learn and demonstrate a very different set of skills, including listening, questioning, guiding, and helping others learn to solve their own problems.

       Learn a real-world application on how to adapt your leadership style to be a more effective coach.

       Identify the concepts presented in coaching styles, besides using a sophisticated set of tools to support leading an ever-evolving and complex workforce.

       Discuss the scenarios needed to demonstrate how to apply the concepts with the content being relevant beyond the healthcare industry.

       Develop your understanding of the overall importance of coaching as a management imperative by using practical tools for the healthcare executive.

       Find a resolution to social or political problem situations.

       Improve personal or professional effectiveness.

       Tap into unused or undeveloped potential so as to increase your professional talents.

       Discuss a practical set of methods and tools for today’s healthcare leader. 

Curriculum for this course

Day 1


Medical Tourism

  • Medical Tourism Foundations
  • Medical Tourism Market
  • Treatment Processes
  • Harm, Liability & Redress
  • Conclusions and considerations future research

The Business Case for Quality

  • Mandate for Improvement
  • Value Proposition: How Does Quality Relate to Performance?
  • How Do Organizations Measure the Value Proposition?
  • Measurement Is the Key to Performance Incentives
  • The Marketplace Wins in the End

Teams in Healthcare Performance Improvement

  • Teamwork Is Key for Improving Performance
  • Choosing a Project
  • Team Development
  • Application of the Team Approach
  • Steps in Creating Teams
  • Team Selection
  • Teamwork Tools

Day 2

Process Tools

  • All Work Consists of Processes
  • What Is the Value Proposition?
  • Process Analysis Toolkit
  • Application of Improvement Tools


  Medical Informatics and Information Resources for Quality Improvement

  • What Is Medical Informatics and Why Is It Important?
  • Types of Measurement Systems
  • Microsystem Data
  • Medical Record Systems
  • Analysis Packages

Day 3

Essentials of Statistical Thinking and Analysis

  • Art and Science of Statistical Thinking
  • Statistical Process Control Puts Statistical Thinking Into Practice
  • SPC Basics
  • Control Chart: Shewhart's Genius
  • Types of Control Charts
  • Choosing and Using Continuous Variable Charts
  • Limitations of SPC and "Bumps in the Road"
  • Analysis Packages for SPC
  • Approaches to Refining SPC Analyses
  • Barriers to Implementation of SPC
  • Advanced Statistical Tools

Approaches to Improvement - Standardization and Lean Process Management

  • Standardization: Is It Really a "Four-Letter Word"?
  • Principles of Lean Management
  • Lean Improvement Cycle
  • The Lean Toolbox
  • Application of Standardization: Clinical Practice Guidelines


Day 4

Six Sigma - Principles and Applications in Health Care

  • Six Sigma: Tool for Process Effectiveness
  • History of Six Sigma
  • Basics of Six Sigma: Statistical Background
  • Six Sigma Metrics
  • Six Sigma Improvement Model (SSIM)
  • Voices of Six Sigma
  • Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility
  • DMAIC: The Six Sigma Improvement Model
  • Design For Six Sigma: Starting Right
  • Discussion Questions
  • Additional Resources
  • References
  • Six Sigma Glossary

Day 5


Alignment and Integration of Performance Improvement Systems - the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
  • History and Background
  • Baldrige Organizational Structure
  • Baldrige Award Process
  • Baldrige Core Values
  • Baldrige Criteria: Basis for Evaluation

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