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Enhance their understanding of the delivery organization and just how it runs

Recognize crucial areas in the shipping service which are entitled to special emphasis

Improve their understanding of shipping guidelines

Recognize lawful and also supervisory difficulties

Develop experience with existing fads in the delivery industry

Have a sound understanding of pertinent liquid and also gas Laws that are needed for using flow measurement tools

Comprehend the major requirements of custody transfer systems

Understand elements of supply control pertaining to flow measurements

Understand flow and degree measuring tools

Comprehend the fundamental liquid and also gas regulations that are essential for flow and also degree measurements

Appreciate the major needs of flow dimensions including precision as well as repeatability

Be educated about current circulation dimension meters including Differential Pressure (DP) dimension, wind turbine meters, positive displacement meters, Coriolis flow dimension, Magnetic and also ultrasonic circulation measurement

Gain the capacity to figure out if a metering system is adequate for the purpose, choose proper safekeeping transfer metering systems as well as determine potential issues

Learn about the concepts as well as applications of Multiple meters/ meter runs, Flow computers, Quality systems, Calibration, Meter Runs, Verifying and Supporting Automation

Day 1
Introduction to the Shipping Business

  • About ships, international trade, and shipping markets

  • The practitioners in the shipping business

  • Ship registration and the role of the flag and port State

  • Ship finance

  • Standards regulating the industry (IMO, classification societies, etc.)

  • Digitalisation, connectivity and autonomous shipping

Day 9
Types and Applications of Flow Meters (continued)

  • Ultrasonic Flow Meters

  • Magnetic Flow Meters

  • Coriolis Flow Meters

  • Uses and Applications, Installation Requirements and Standards

  • Straight Run Requirement

Day 8
Types and Applications of Flow Meters

  • Differential Pressure (DP) Flow Meters, Orifice, Venturi, Nozzles, Pitot Tubes

  • Positive Displacement (PD) Flow Meters, Rotor, Oscillating Piston, Oval Gear

  • Turbine Flow Meters, Conventional and Helical

  • Problems with Erosion, Corrosion, Cavitation and Obstructions

  • Uses and Applications, Installation Requirements and Standards

Day 7
General Characteristics and Performance of Flow Meters

  • System Characteristics and Flow Range

  • Performance, Accuracy, Stability and Repeatability, Sensitivity, Noise, Linearity, Reliability

  • Flow Modification and Meter Runs

  • Applications and Usage, Sizing

  • Temperature and Pressure Measurements

Day 6
Custody Transfer & Flow Measurement - Introduction and Essential Concepts

  • Introduction to custody transfer and Best Practice

  • Flow measuring devices - introduction, types, selection, Velocity and Density Measurements

  • Allocation for distributing revenue and expenses

  • Fiscal for payment to regulatory authorities

  • Fluid and Gas Laws - Governing equations

  • Measurement terminology - Accuracy, Precision, Repeatability, Reliability

Day 5
The Shipping Business and Marine Insurance

  • How does marine insurance underpin the shipping industry?  

  • Key markets (e.g. Lloyd’s)

  • Key stakeholders (e.g. P&I Clubs)

  • The influence of English law

  • The contribution of standards terms – Cargo, hull, etc.

  • Selected risks (e.g. piracy)

Day 4
Carriage of Goods by Sea and Maritime Claims

  • Shippers, carriers and interests at stake

  • Basics tools (charterparties, bills of lading, seaway bills, etc.)

  • Identifying key questions (e.g. seaworthiness, liability, etc.)

  • The international legal regimes on carriage of goods by sea

  • The Hague & the Hague-Visby Rules

  • Dispute Resolution (including arbitration and mediation) in the shipping industry

Day 3
Legal Framework and Management of the Human Element

  • Identifying the human element in the shipping business

  • Behavioral elements

  • Leadership

  • The 2010 STCW Convention

  • The ILO MLC 2006 Convention

  • Exposure to liabilities (Company, Master, crew, etc.)

Day 2
Legal Framework and Management of Maritime Safety and Marine Environment Protection

  • Identification of risks in shipping (safety, maritime security, cyber-security)

  • SOLAS Convention overview and recent updates (e.g. Polar Code, III Code, etc.)

  • Managerial aspects of safety: the ISM Code

  • Marine environment protection fundamentals - Sustainable Shipping

  • MARPOL Convention overview and updates

  • Managerial aspects of marine pollution control

Day 10
Flow Measurement Systems and Custody Transfer Considerations
  • Custody Transfer Requirements

  • Meter Factor

  • Proving Systems: Direct, Indirect, Master Meter, Volume, Displacement

  • Custody Transfer Skids

  • Flow Computers and Communication

  • Temperature and Pressure Measurements

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