International Energy Markets & Pricing

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The power resources include petroleum, natural gas, LNG, improved products, and renewables-- solar, wind, hydro, as well as nuclear energy. The focus on the concerns to be taken into consideration on the sales, advertising and marketing, trading and special concentrate on cost threat monitoring.

Training Course Objectives of International Power Markets & Prices

  • Gain a wide point of view of worldwide oil and also refined products sales service, supply, transportation, refining, advertising & trading
  • Increase their understanding of the basics of oil business: top quality, blending & assessment of crude oil for profession, products and netback estimations, refinery margins calculations, & vessel chartering
  • Master the Total barrel business economics, Oil market futures, hedging and futures, and cost risk management
  • Review the technological, commercial, lawful and also trading facets of the oil company with the International, United States, UK, and Singapore guidelines
  • With confidence go over the technological, business, legal, legal, monetary governing concepts and buzzwords with your peers as well as clients

Day 1
Essential Petroleum Upstream Practices

  • Introduction to Course

  • Introduction to How Oil was Formed

  • Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Geology and Petroleum Engineering

  • Well Logging and Well Completion

  • Essence of International Oil Supply – Global Reserves, Production & Trade

  • Fundamentals of Oil Economics

  • Renewables Sources of Energy and their Levelized Cost

Day 2
Crude Oil Trading - Big Picture

  • The Evolution of International Oil Pricing System – The Big Picture

  • Trading Physical Crude Oil and its Logistics

Day 3
Refined Products Prices and Trading

  • The Trading Refined Products

  • Refining I – Basics

  • Refining II - Conventional Refinery Upgrading

  • The Price of Refined Oil Products

Day 4
Energy Price Risk Management

  • Oil Products Price Risk Management

  • Measuring Risk

  • The Forward Market

  • The Future Market

  • The Swaps Market

  • The Options

  • Crack Spreads

Day 5
Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues

  • International

  • United States

  • United Kingdom

  •  Singapore

  • Controlling Financial Risk

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