Asset Integrity Management for the Petroleum Industry

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This course focuses on the concept of AIM (i.e. design, technical, and operation integrity) in the safeguarding of the operational system. The approaches to reliability-centered maintenance (RCM), failure mode effect and criticality analysis (FMECA), risk-based maintenance (RBI), inspection of static process equipment, maintenance planning of rotating equipment, mitigate the challenges due to human factor, effective project management strategies, etc.


Course Objectives of Asset Integrity Management for the Petroleum Industry

  • Manage assets in the petroleum industry in a sustainable and safe manner

  • Assess & control Asset Integrity of operational assets in production & process systems

  • Perform integrity management on the topside and subsea systems

  • Realize overall asset process in a systems engineering perspective

  • Use of adaptive technologies and techniques in engineering projects

Day 1
Asset Integrity Management

  • Introduction to the concept of Asset Management& Asset Integrity Management

  • Asset Management Landscape process model

  • The Asset Management System – Asset Management Policy – Asset Management Strategy – (Strategic) Asset Management Plans – line of sight

  • Asset Management roles

  • International standard on Asset Management: ISO 55000

  • Certification

Day 2
Risk & Risk Assessment

  • Approaches Used for Asset Integrity Management

  • Identification & assessment of risk

  • Risk management: using the risk matrix, risk register & hazard log

  • Risk on the business level, system-level and asset level

  • Several methodologies on different levels

  • Contingency planning

Day 3
Risk-Based Maintenance

  • Deterioration: the way assets could fail

  • The seven steps of Risk-Based Maintenance (RBM) / Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) incl. Failure Mode Effects &Criticality Analysis

  • Failure behavior of onshore & offshore systems

  • Choosing the right maintenance task

  • Risk-Based Inspection

  • Practical application

Day 4
Life Cycle Management Aspects

  • Life cycle of an asset

  • Systems Engineering & RAMS specification

  • Operational workflow

  • Lifetime extension

  • Performance measurement / KPI’s

Day 5
The Way Forward: Improvement Plan

  • Assessment of current Asset Management performance (specific aspects)

  • Drawing up an improvement plan / individual improvement plans to optimize the cost/ benefits

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