Applied Project Management for Oil & Gas

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This course will extend to the identification, assessment, and control of qualitative risks in the project-based enterprise.  Uncertainty will be inherent in all projects and particularly in the aspects of technical, financial, schedule, legal, and quality (the latter includes safety, health, environment, and facility integrity) of performance.  In addition, this course will explore quantitative risk analysis using the basics of probability.  


Course Objectives of Project Management for Oil & Gas

  • Contribute to the preparation of a Project Execution Plan (Project Management Plan) based on an understanding of the Capital Value Process.

  • Understand Decision Support Packages and their contribution to Project Management performance.

  • Understand the technical and non-technical (e.g. financial) issues relating to gaining project approval and funding.

  • Recognise basic methods for defining and estimating activities.

  • Understand the basics of qualitative and quantitative risk assessment.

  • Appreciate risk mitigation, preliminary contingency levels, and critical variables.

  • Effectively integrate risk and earned value.

Day 1
Project Delivery Systems & Project Finance

  • Project Management Terminology

  • Pros and Cons of various Delivery Systems

  • Success Factors, what to look for?

  • Build - Operate - Transfer (BOT), Functional Specifications, Issues and Concerns

  • Economic Evaluation

  • Project Finance

Day 2
Project Finance, Cash Flow, and Advanced Project Estimating

  • Project Phases and issues pertinent to each phase

  • Financial Evaluation Methods

  • Owner and Contractor cash Flow

  • Project Scope Development

  • The Work Breakdown Structure

  • Technologies for computer Project Estimating

Day 3
Advanced Topics in Scheduling and Estimating of Projects

  • Conceptual & Parametric Estimating

  • Lead/Lag Scheduling

  • Resource Allocation for construction projects

  • Time-Cost Tradeoff

  • Linear Scheduling Method

  • Technologies for computer Project Scheduling

Day 4
Project Control & Negotiations in Construction Management

  • Project Control Systems

  • Project Updating Methods

  • Earned Value Management

  • Team Development and Effective Teamwork

  • Developing effective negotiation strategies and tactics

  • Understanding your BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement)

  • What to do when negotiations break down and how to respond to tricks

Day 5
Advanced Issues in Project Management
  • Building Information Modeling

  • Material Management

  • Lean Project Management

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