Strategic Procurement Planning


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Course overview

Interactive learning will support participants’ understanding of key issues in strategic procurement planning, such as ethical factors, harmonising international standards, and monitoring and evaluation. By applying strategic planning tools throughout the training, participants will leave equipped to design and implement plans to streamline procurement processes whilst considering international standards, cultural and legal contexts.


Course Objectives of Strategic Procurement Planning

  • Write strategic procurement objectives and initiatives to support long term directions

  • Arrange 'spend items' into categories that support planning of go-to-market strategies

  • Apply demand forecasting techniques to improve planning of procurement activities

  • Generate vendor integration strategies to ensure supply security

  • Evaluate vendor bids in a scientific manner to support selection decision making


Day 1
Strategic procurement planning

  • Setting procurement mission and objectives

  • Selection of improvement initiatives

    • Structure-related initiatives

    • Systems-related initiatives

    • Workstreams-related initiatives

    • Culture-related initiatives

  • Performance measures and targets

  • Communication of procurement plan

  • Stakeholder engagement

Day 2
Spend category planning

  • Spend category profiling

  • Spend impact analysis

    • Financial impact

    • Vendor segmentation

  • Market risk analysis

    • Value chain analysis

    • SWOT analysis

    • Porter’s five forces

    • Risk heat maps

    • Vendor risk scores

  • Category report consolidation

Day 3
Forecasting and demand planning

  • The soft side of forecasting

    • Tetlock’s foxes and hedgehogs

    • Taleb’s black swan

  • Principles of demand planning

  • Quantitative forecasting techniques

  • Qualitative forecasting techniques

Day 4
Vendor integration

  • Vendor prequalification process

  • Vendor prequalification criteria

    • Legal criteria

    • Financial criteria

    • Technical criteria

    • Staff criteria

    • HSE criteria

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Strategic partnering

  • Supplier diversity programs

Day 5
Bid evaluation and selection
  • Bid management process

  • Bid evaluation criteria

  • Scoring systems and protocols

  • Selection and award

  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for complex purchases

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