Public Relations Professional


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Course overview

It considers strategies that will certainly permeate the entire organisation as well as professional self-control within public relations and also company interactions.

Training Goals of Public Relations Professional

  • Set Corporate Affairs in its strategic anticipatory and efficient context
  • Establish an understanding of stakeholder programs for normal, concentrated communication activities
  • Examine the advancement of Corporate Matters devices
  • Understand just how to develop and also collaborate methods, strategies, and also strategies
  • Assess making use of the study

Day 1
The Power of Communication

  • Programme overview, design, and options

  • Opening exercise: goal setting

  • The Big Picture: overview and PR strategy

  • When Public Relations should be used

  • Corporate identity and image: establishing a positive image and identity

  • Becoming a neighbour of choice: external reputation management

  • Leaders’ role in managing communications

Day 2
From the Inside Out: Crafting Consistent Messages

  • The expectations of employees and employers

  • Understanding audiences: segmenting and prioritising

  • Plotting the stakeholder communication journey

  • Getting the message out to audiences

  • Storytelling: creating an unfolding story people pay attention to

  • Empowering employees through social media

  • Steps for creating clear content that has an impact

  • Developing trust and credibility with senior leaders

Day 3
Risks & Threats: Their Identification and Management

  • Planning for the unexpected

  • Using communication activities to manage risk to reputation

  • Repairing a damaged reputation

  • Identifying opinion formers and influencers

  • Engaging with key decision-makers

  • Principles for building sustainable relationships with decision-makers and influencers

  • VIP and political contact programmes

  • Monitoring political activities

Day 4
Corporate Communications / PR in the Corporate Mix

  • Media Relations best practices

  • Effective event management

  • Developing a crisis management toolkit

  • Hosting VIP visits

  • Protocol in practice

  • Financial PR activities and roles

  • Multinational and global communication challenges

Day 5
Powerful and Persuasive Planning
  • 10 stages of PR planning

  • Using market research to plan PR activities

  • Developing measurable objectives for activities

  • Identifying core messages

  • Developing practical communication toolkits

  • Creating a schedule of PR activities

  • Measuring outputs, outcomes, and value

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