Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct


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Course overview

Course Goals of Professional Values and Standard Procedure

Recognize what 'organization ethics' is

Specify a code of conduct and a code of principles

Find out how to make moral decisions

Get functional tools to execute principles in the office

Understand worker legal rights to make it possible for as well as create personal privacy, harassment & technology plans

Understand your business & social duties

Learn just how to balance personal and also company ethics

Discover when to "blow the whistle"

Have the ability to recognize dishonest actions

Day 1

    • What are ethics and code of conduct?

    • What is Business Ethics?

    • What is the Code of Conduct?

    • The need for a code of conduct in the workplace

    • 10 Benefits of Managing Ethics

    • Implementing ethics in the workplace 

    • Benefits

    • Guidelines for managing ethics in the workplace 

    • Roles and responsibilities

    • Employer/employee rights

Day 2

  • Ethical decisions 

  • The basics

  • balancing personal andorganizationall ethics 

  • common dilemmas

  • Making ethical decisions

  • Overcoming obsWhistleblowing

  • Whistleblowing

  • Criteria and Risk 

  • The process

  • When you should “blow the whistle”

Day 3

  • Managerial ethics 

  • Ethical management 

  • Identifying the characteristics

  • Ensuring ethical behaviour

  • Unethical behaviour

  • Recognize & identify 

  • Preventing 

  • Addressing 

  • Interventions

  • Ethics in business

  • Organization basics 

  • Addressing the needs 

  • Ethical principles

Day 4

  • Privacy policies

  • Harassment issues

  • Technology

  • Business & social responsibilities 

  • Identifying types of responsibilities

  • Handling conflicting social and business responsibilities

  • Code of conduct

  • Retaliation

  • Privacy and confidentiality

  • Records and reporting

  • Proper use of company information and assets 

Day 5
  • Gratuities and gifts 

  • Vendor and contractor relationships 

  • Safety

  • Diversity, harassment, and discrimination 

  • Gossip

  • Ethical safeguards

  • Developing a code of ethics

  • Performing an internal ethics audit

  • Upholding the ethics program

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