Office Management & Communication Techniques


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Course overview

The program intends to develop individual communication, reporting, and creating skills.

Course Purposes of Workplace Administration & Communication

  • Recognizing the finest practice in vital office treatments
  • Discovering the duties and also responsibilities of a workplace supervisor
  • Enhancing interpersonal communication approaches
  • Being able to take care of office Communications
  • Creating exceptional composing skills
  • Using assertive decision-making and also analytic abilities
  • Using techniques to prepare and also manage workload properly and also attain objectives
  • Keeping comprehensive documents in the office
  • Organizing organization relationships
  • Being able to manage work pressure effectively

Day 1
Defining the role of the office manager

  • Key tasks of an office manager

  • Workflow and working stations

  • Workplace security

  • Maintaining a good organizational environment

  • Communication models

Day 9
Business documentation

  • Bookkeeping

  • Filing systems

  • Filling electronic or paper documents

  • Naming records  

  • Reviewing and destroying records

Day 8
Effective decision making

  • Tools that support decision-makers

  • Problem-solving techniques

  • The Six Thinking Hats

  • Brainstorming rules and techniques

Day 7
Appointment setting

  • Handling visitors effectively

  • Making travel arrangements

  • Business meetings

  • Events arrangement

Day 6
Creative ways for presenting reports

  • Different types of business letters

  • Writing business letters effectively

  • Negotiation skills

  • Conflict resolution – suggested strategy and outcomes

  • Dealing with different types of personalities

Day 5
Essential rules for preparing reports

  • The difference between informative reports and analytical reports

  • The three basic steps in writing a managerial report

  • Reports different criteria

  • Understanding the informative reports

  • Understanding the analytical reports

Day 4
The art of communication

  • Interpersonal communication

  • From interpersonal towards organizational communication

  • The different levels of business communication 

  • The art of persuasion

Day 3
Writing Skills from linguistic perspectives

  • Arabic Report Vs English Report.

  • Three approaches to business writing

  • Gathering and organizing data

  • Writing report blueprints and outlines

  • Forming clear and organized reports (TOC)

Day 2
Writing an accurate and effective report

  • The types of business reports 

  • The basic elements of business reports

  • Steps to writing an effective business report

  • Technical skills in preparing reports

Day 10
Personal skills for secretary

  • Critical thinking

  • Managing time effectively

  • How to prioritize 

  • Handling work stress and preventing job burnout

  • Maintaining a work-life balance

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