Comprehensive Workshop on How to Realize 2030 Vision


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Course overview

The more we understand and also dig deeper right into this concern, the higher and extra effective we will have in constructing the country and spending its complete sources towards a brighter future than in the past.

Training course Purposes of What is Vision 2030?

What are the goals that emerge from Vision 2030?

Just how do we convert goals into a strategic service strategy?

What are the vision understanding programs?

Exactly how does vision programs function?

Day 1

  • What are the axes of vision? What are the pillars of strength?

  • Arab and Islamic depth

  • The leading investment force

  • Building an energetic society about values and a healthy environment

Day 9

  • Increased social responsibility

  • Enabling companies to contribute to social responsibility

  • Increasing the sense of citizenship and encouraging volunteering

  • Promoting and enabling financial planning (retirement and savings)

  • Supporting the growth of the non-profit sector

  • Enabling the non-profit sector to achieve a deeper impact on society

Day 8

  • Enhance government effectiveness

  • Improve the performance of the government apparatus

  • Increase interaction with citizens

  • Diversification and profit maximization

  • E-government development

  • Supporting e-government and its effectiveness

Day 7

  • Increase employment rates according to the labor market

  • Attracting national talent to work in the local market

  • Create clear and comprehensive paths

  • How to improve education outcomes

  • Mechanism of expansion in vocational training

Day 6

  • Development and diversification of the economy

  • Development of the private sector cycle in the national economy

  • Strengthening the capabilities of the non-oil and promising sectors

  • Deepening global and regional integration

  • Development of non-oil exports

Day 5

  • Enabling health and a healthy life

  • Ensuring environmental sustainability

  • Supporting culture and entertainment

  • Create a possible environment

  • Support sports and a healthy lifestyle

Day 4

  • How to promote Arab values and national identity

  • Promote fairness and transparency

  • Promoting workmanship and discipline

  • Care in Arabic

Day 3

  • Ability to set practical goals

  • Define a clear mechanism for the issue on each goal

  • Discuss how to link goals, relationships, and departments between each other

  • Follow up the implementation of the vision in an organized manner

Day 2

  • Creating opportunities and reducing unemployment

  • Encouraging investment

  • Increasing competitiveness and private sector participation

  • Increase exports and boost local industries

Day 10

  • Workshop within the workshop (course project)

  • What are your role and the role of the department in which you work to achieve this vision?

  • What are the obstacles and how can they be overcome

  • How communication and spirit enhance leadership to achieve the vision

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