Customer - Focused Selling Skills

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Yet exactly what does it mean to have developed client emphasis selling skills? More importantly, what could consumer focused marketing do to enhance your own brand name's advertising approach? To be genuinely customer concentrated is to approach whatever you do from the point of view of those you are targeting. It has to do with supporting count on as well as commitment among your target market, as opposed to simply convincing them to buy whatever it is you're offering.

Discover the true power and also possibility of 'marketing without selling' with this expert tutorial. Discover what it implies to be really customer-focused, examining influences in the development of connections as well as effort vs. outcomes. Find out just how the 'Just How to Win Buddies and also Impact Individuals' technique can be utilized for the advantage of your service.

Training Course Goals of Consumer - Concentrated Marketing Skills

Develop an action strategy as well as prioritize to take full advantage of marketing performance

Use a customer-focused marketing approach to shut even more sales in much less time

Customize your sales discussion to interest each of the 4 consumers "purchasing styles"

Incorporate Social Media advertising finest methods to increase sales profits

Proactively manage key-account consumers to advertise extra sales

Effectively organize their timetable to attain sales objectives as well as develop a pipeline

Day 1
Communication and Interpersonal Skills Development

  • Listening and Questioning Skills to uncover Customer Expectations

  • Telephone and Voicemail Selling Techniques

  • Words and Tones to Avoid

  • Engaging your Customer’s preferred “learning style”

  • Interpreting the meaning of Nonverbal Communication

  • How to Identify a Customer’s “buying style”

Day 2
Principles of Persuasion and Negotiation to Increase Sales Effectiveness

  • Reasons Why Customers Don’t Buy

  • Dr. Robert Cialdni’s Principles of Persuasion

  • Selling with Emotion Not Logic

  • Value Selling: Selling Benefits Not Features

  • Win-Win Negotiation Strategies to gain Customer Agreement

  • How to Overcome Sales Objections and Customer Procrastination

Day 3
Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Make More Sales

  • Benefits of using Social Media to Increase Sales 

  • Keeping-up with Changing Technology

  • 10 Smart Ways to Increase Online Sales through Social Media

  • How to Avoid Social Media Selling Mistakes

  • Social Media Best Practices for Sales Professionals

  • Leveraging Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn

Day 4
Delivering Superior Customer-Focused Service After the Sale

  • The 7 Traits of Highly-successful Salespeople

  • Using Customer Service to Generate Sales

  • The 4 Cornerstones of Customer Service Excellence

  • How to Work with Difficult and Demanding Customers

  • Going the “extra mile” to exceed Customer Service Expectations

  • Getting Feedback from Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Day 5
Developing Your Customer-Focused Selling Action Plan

  • Handling Rejection with a Positive Mental Attitude

  • Prospecting and New Business Development

  • SMART Goals for Business and Personal Development 

  • Time Management Tips to Increase Daily Productivity

  • Stress Management Techniques

  • Creating an Action Plan

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